Fully Paid Up Member Of The Big B.

I'm not too sure how I discovered Giant Bomb. I think it was during the rounds of hunting for Wheelman PR that I found a Quick Look of the game in action (Or was it the demo? So long ago...) and the guys narrating over the footage not only sounded like they knew their gaming onions, but they were kind of complimentary about the game too. I think that Quick Look soon led to the discovery that there were many more Quick Looks, and from there I investigated further. There's something kind of hypnotic about watching these dudes play games from a direct feed and give opinion; something more pure than a manufactured review. You're seeing first-hand how the game plays, how it looks... almost as if you're creepily behind the sofa watching them play.
I soon discovered that one of the dudes of Giant Bomb was Jeff Gerstmann, who I remembered give an honest opinion about Kane and Lynch. it was the right opinion, though Eidos didn't see it that way. All that shiny full-page Gamespot advertising didn't sit pretty with the review, and thus Jeff ended up here. From there, I soon learned about the other  heroes who fed original - and most importantly - entertaining content to the gaming masses. I think there's a sense of non-bullshitting and honesty which you don't normally get on other gaming sites. That was one of the reasons I stumped up for an annual subscription.
The other reason is guilt. Guilt can be a great motivator at times. I had obsessed over the excellent Deadly Premonition Endurance Runs - watching both versions of them as they came out, and I'm still seriously considering buying the game based on these runs if only to experience what they did. My walks to work were enhanced by Jeff G's hilarious WiiWare/DSiWare game line-ups and I have spent sometimes a bit too much of my life obsessively hunting down all those quests like some kind of OCD sufferer. I've tweaked with Wiki entries and sometimes contributed a bit to the forums and discussions. Most importantly though, I didn't get the sub for all of those subscriber benefits, the shiny gold medal and the swanky t-shirt. I got it because not only did I feel guilty for enjoying all of that delicious free content, but also I would have gladly paid for all that free content anyhow; Whiskey Media have just given us the opportunity to do so.
I think it's important that websites like Giant Bomb stay not only active, but also constantly updated with new and interesting content. The fact the users of the site can contribute in so many ways also strengthens this place in the eyes of myself and gamers everywhere. We know there's going to be no irrelevant Kotaku-style news stories about an obscure Japanese cosplay event. We know the evil PR men can't sway or entice any of the members of the Bomb into giving higher review scores. We know what we're getting is genuine and dependable.
So thank you, Whiskey Media and those fine Giant Bomb staff members who have helped me get through the day. More power to you, sirs.