My First Blog Post

Why do I love Giant Bomb? 

The Quick Looks. They're better than any review. Take the Tony Hawk : Ride Quick Look, for instance. We were all curious to see what was up with that, and our fears were confirmed. A big clunky mess of a game with a big clunky mess of a peripheral. The Quick Looks are almost like you're sitting with the Giant Bomb guys on their big Giant Bomb sofa as they play the game and comment on it. I don't really trust many reviews online, but I trust those Quick Looks.
Also Deadly Premonition. Ohmy. I think the Endurance Runs are slowly persuading me to pick that game up. Sure, it's bad at a lot of things, but it also has a sackload of character which is gleefully picked up upon.
Oh, and those quests. Lovely, lovely quests. Thank you, Giant Bomb!