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@handlas said:

@abnewton: Entitled much?

If he's a subscriber, there's a bit of entitlement. Yeah.

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Looks like you changed the default for newcomers on podcasts from Premium to Free. Nice work!

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When opening up the Forums tab on iPhone 6, I can only get to the first five options. The other three cannot be scrolled down to access. This is also true for Wiki (7 options accessible). This is made a bit more awful by the Manage Settings GDPR button on the lower left.

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Any chance you could consider rolling the GB Infinite info into that GB Infinite panel? It'll make the whole thing more contextual and also means you'll be able to push the content up a bit more.

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It would probably be useful if premium live shows were clearly marked as premium so that users don't have to try to get into the chat to see if it's a free or a premium stream. Especially for new users it's not always clear whether a show is premium or not.

I encountered this when trying to listen to the Beastcast at work and not logged in. The thumbnail did not display any premium branding, though as soon as you click through to the main page, it'll proclaim that it's premium and you need to sign up to listen to it. Except we know it isn't premium and to access the free version, you have to tap on the star toggle icon thingy on the right. The UX badness going on here is pretty awful - there's no star in any premium theme on the site and not even a rollover tooltip to give the user more information. It also feels a bit like a dark pattern - almost like you're fooling folk into signing up. I hope it isn't the case and it is an intentional mistake/bad engineering, otherwise you've got a problem with honesty and transparency.

I was also using Safari on Mac to view the site and it mashes up the responsive layout somewhat. Was the site not tested on Safari?

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Skin: we are not currently planning a white version. Maintaining dark and light versions of the site is a real pain and frequently caused issues in the past, so we're trying to avoid it.


  • A white version of the site should be the default. It is in a lot of other gaming sites. That's also why extensions for dark readers look for light aspects of sites by default.
  • Be interested to read what issues a white theme of the site caused in the past.
  • If you got your global .css right, then maintaining themes shouldn't really be an issue at all.

That previous site with the great formatting, use of typeface, excellent responsive design and that choice of light/dark theme.

I had to have a gander at that previous site. So much better. There's even a greater sense of community and character which the new re-design lacks.

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So it finally happened - we have an interactive Black Mirror! This is quite something - the episode is Bandersnatch (named after that failed Imagine ZX Spectrum game) set in the 80s where you affect the decisions of a troubled programmer who is creating software based on a book called Bandersnatch - a choose your own adventure novel. You make decisions for the poor programmer chap through your remote/controller and seems like there's a lot of content based on those decisions - five endings and over 5 hours of recorded footage.

Charlie Brooker is perfectly set for this based on his experience with 8 bit computers and the like - a lot of the fun is spotting easter eggs from the past as well as other Black Mirror episodes. Won't spoil too much more - you definitely owe it to yourself to check this out as I'd love to see more interactive stuff like this on Netflix. It might be a one off - who knows? It is something you currently can't do with cable TV, so already there's a USP right there.

Think I got the good ending?

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Looks like zero feedback's been taken on board regarding the site. Nice work.

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I'm assuming the large image for the main site content is being grabbed and used via some CMS? You really should ensure those images are fit for purpose - the current image for Unprofessional Fridays has so much space above the heads of the GB crew, it looks even more barren than usual.

Any good resources for creating extensions in browsers to alter .css layout, etc.? Tempted to have a crack and see if I can fix some of the awfulness.