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Just clocked that the representation of a premium member in the comments under video content is a yellow outline. Nothing screams premium like a 5 second .css stroke effect. Something else too - you could probably spoof that outline in your avatar. Something else too - no one considered an avatar which has a yellow background?

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There needs to be a white theme. When I was looking through extensions for accessibility, they all assume the default is white - which it should be.

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@emptybob: I know there's some browser-based add-ons/extensions that help with that issue. I sometimes get ghosting occasionally and it's a bit of a pain in the ass. Am I surprised that this site assumes that everyone wants a dark theme and not provide a default light theme? Nope. Not at all. I dread to run this redesign through an accessibility checker.

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Navbar question - that pause between highlighting the option you want and the drawer menus being displayed - is that an intentional animation delay or is there some kind of server call being made? If it's the former, might want to look into removing that delay to make the menus feel a bit more responsive.

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@stinky51012 said:

2. Search is too hidden in the corner

Holy crap. Only just realised the search was there when you pointed it out. OG Giant Bomb had the search as a main focal point. I don't know why it's been hidden there for the redesign.

Edit - that massive splash image on the main page is the largest button I've ever seen in my experience with websites (designing/using). Holy crap again.

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Not a fan. Sorry.

There's a huge image of the Grip QL on the main page which takes over more or less the entire screen with content hiding underneath it. There's so much space, you could actually include the video rather than hide it behind a CTA. (Call To Action, kids!). I have a big panel to thank me for being a premium member, but that space almost feels like it could be used for something else. I signed up to Premium for less ads and it feels like it's an ad thanking me for signing up for premium. Maybe you can put that stuff up on the nav bar somewheres?

Everything else feels sterile. It's almost like there's less character now. Falling into the trap of "content is king" and reducing the wrapper to be as basic as can be. I remember when quests were a thing - they were actually a great way to introduce and use site features as well as gamify the site which - well - is all about videogames. That kind of stupid is something that needs to be reintroduced back into the experience somehow.

Only plus point is that the responsive nature of the site has remained intact. It's one of the truly great responsive websites out there (can adapt to a variety of screen resolutions including mobile) so kudos for keeping that in.

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Makes me wonder if those peeps don't actually know depression? Maybe they have a day where they're slightly sad and consider that full-blown depression? These days people make light of a lot of things, so maybe I'm wrong. I get some pretty gruesome lows these days and it's the absolute worst. I took a leaf out of Dan Harmon's book regarding that and been posting Twitter updates and generally talking about it to other people - so that helps, although social anxiety disorder might make that hard in person. The internet is a wonderful place for discussion without the anxiety of actually meeting folk.

I also mark out of 10 how I feel on the Twittersphere as an indicator for myself and others. I can look back on that on better days and realise that when I'm in that place, there *are* better days.

Good luck and have better days, Sombre.

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Only just caught up with this news. Holy cow. Many a Major Nelson podcast was enjoyed with this fine gent. Genuinely shocked this has happened. RIP, big fella.

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I'm still playing this - there's a relaxing factor to it which I enjoy although I do think the space combat has improved to the point where it's actually enjoyable. There's still something special about getting stuck into a battle and visiting a freighter to get your reward for helping out - although it still is easy to cause a friendly fire incident and have the whole battle turn against you. I've been super-careful with that stuff recently and think I'm onto something.

The terrain manipulator is also a nice addition - I've fallen into caves in my Roamer and have that thing save me multiple times. Digging out cargo from crashed freighters is also a novel use for that thing. I've spent more time exploring my home planet with the Roamer and grabbing Nanites where I can. As mentioned, the game still looks fantastic - sounds fantastic too. The sound design in this is still quite the achievement, and the new stuff recently added by 65daysofstatic only makes the whole thing even more atmospheric.

It's definitely the marmite of videogames although I have to continue to respect Hello Games and their support. I think the constant updates are helping to push the game with folk buying it at sale prices just to see what's up.

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I'd personally would like to see more Dredd-type stuff happen. I was disappointed by the Sly movie even though there was some exceptional production design of Mean Machine and Hammerstein with a helping hand from Mr. Chris Cunningham. The Dredd movie was much better - I think Urban being a fan of 2000AD ensured there were no hijinks like helmet removal and the like. Plus I saw that thing in D-Box when I was in the US and only added to the bombast of it. I'm sure that Mr. Urban was in talks to be part of the show. Fingers crossed. Also fingers crossed that one day we'll see the Dark Judges being realised...