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See that mini bio link? That does a fine job. NO SIGNATURES.

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@MordeaniisChaos:  No idea why root beer is so hard to find in the UK - I know of several places I can get it now including the Marble Slab Cremery (awesome place - wife says they came from the US) and my local oriental supermarket. What's better than root beer? Root beer Slurpee. I misss those too.

 @Yelix:  What's more confounding is we have bagged milk in the UK too.

 @strangone: Everything was indeed cheaper in the US - never felt like I was swindled out of my money like I often feel like I am in the UK.
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@Enigma777: In regards to the lack of decent chocolate in the US, I have to agree there - not a big fan of Hersheys. I think that US does non-chocolate candy better than most - must be all the corn syrup.
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@Axxol:  I think that's on the list of places to check out - that with the Harry Potter Wizarding World is definitely on the list.

I disagree with the comment that we have Slurpees. We have Slush Puppies, which are by far a terrible imitation of the real thing. I miss the fact you can help yourself to Slurpees in service stations in the US too.
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Hello, hello! My last visit to the United States was truly a wonderful thing - I ended up marrying my long-time girlfriend, Along the way I sampled many of the delights which the US has to offer. I'm back here in the UK for the moment and I dearly miss a huge chunk of them - here are a few. (Warning - contains several related Twitpic images)

  • Slurpees
  • Root Beer (Although I have access to suppliers now)
  • Brightly-coloured, marshmallow-infused cereals - the UK has the dreariest cereal aisle known to man, woman and child.
  • More than one flavour of Pop Tarts - I witnessed with my own eyes a whole section of Pop Tart goodness.
  • Pancake breakfasts - cheap maple syrup too. Maple Syrup in the UK is extortionately priced.
  • Tide - my missus misses that too.
  • "Having someone else bag your damn groceries". Hmm, she's getting involved a bit more now.
  • Toll booths.
  • Dunkin' Donuts. I tried to enjoy more than one of those tasty donuts, a cockroach got to the rest first. Grrrr.
  • "New episodes of television shows." Although there's this thing called "the internet" which fixes that problem.
  • Cheap videogames. Videogames which cost a reasonable amount of money?
  • All things Disney. Especially this.
  • "Places where you can get everything in one place."
  • I miss Target too. That store has the most amazing interior design and signage. Speaking of which...
  • Halloween Stores. The ones which open up temporarily and give me delights and scares. I would love to get a US house so I can ridiculously decorate it in Halloween interactivity.
  • "Taco Bell" (said in a whisper in the darkness behind me)
  • Butterfingers.
  • The missus is also confused as to why we celebrate Easter with large chocolate eggs instead of large chocolate bunnies.
  • "Medium hot water. Not two seperate faucets. What the hell is that about?"
  • Yellow School Buses. I swear I freaked out when I saw one - I only ever see them in US dramas and comedies.
  • "Dishwasher."
  • Huge American flags everywhere, fluttering in the optimistic breeze. Like this one.
  • Oh, and this.

Anyone else with any stuff they miss about the glorious US of A?
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I like his writing skills more than I like his on-screen presence. Those eyes. They scare me.

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@EuanDewar:  Thank you. Venting is perfectly legitimate - the internet being the perfect place for it.
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@EuanDewar:  Cheers. I think if anything it's a way to vent, get shit off my chest.
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@Enigma777:  I've learnt a new word. Thank you, sir or madam.
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It takes the CEO of a multi-national corporation to remind us all that the world of videogaming hasn't really grown up much, if at all. I'm curious to know if those electrical impluses which sparked up the catalyst of an idea to kick the beehive of "those other dudes" came from his own chemical reaction or one inspired by someone on a higher plane. Kaz? Did Kaz send him a text message so worn and used, he's got it saved as a template?


I imagine Hirai-san sends his texts in caps like that. I also imagine that deep down in the recesses of Jack Tretton's brain, he would love to send a press release in ALL CAPS because he realises it would piss off even more people. Yep, that Jack Tretton. The same bloke who has repeatedly dissed the competition through carefully-worded brainfarts which magically transform into fully-formed, viable news stories. I would point you in the direction of these news stories of the past, but a quick Google search reveals that Jack's latest brainfart has had the desired effect; there will be no research of the past tonight.

It has happened in the past though. Multiple times. I know my 35 year old brain has been through a lot of shit, but I do remember the anger which a younger me experienced. Younger me was a lot more fanatical about allegiances to faceless corporations and inanimate objects. I used to be a die-hard Dreamcast fan. When you're fanatical about something, it's very easy to get upset when someone comes along and disses the thing you love the most. There's not a care for the radical art stylings of Jet Set Radio, the balls-out bravery of releasing Rez or the batshit-crazy Samba de Amigo with a maraca peripheral. Maracas! Actual maracas! Maracas of the future! There was the online which was waaay ahead of its time, one of the most expensive adventures involving a young man looking for sailors in a hyper-real area of Japan. How could I not be a fan of that? How could anyone?

Playstation 2 came along, Dreamcast floundered. I was embittered, so embittered. I learnt though.

The more wise of us know that console wars are a load of bullshit. They are just as futile as the news stories which breed out of them like nasty, cancerous, creeping turds. Analysts report that PS3 will overtake 360 in sales soon? Really? Who gives a hoot except the fanboys adding that to their cerebral scrapbook of fact-ammo? Not me, sir. Give me consoles which are successful. Any console, I don't give a hoot. As long as it keeps me in biscuits and booze I'm happy.

I really want to like Jack Tretton. He seems like a nice guy. He has a confident Sensodyne smile and a suit starched up to the balls with confidence. I'm sure if I shook his hand, I'd be hypnotised by his highly-polished hyperbole. Truth be known - Jack Tretton is the ultimate in fanboys. Not only that, he's a corporate fanboy too. A fanboy who means business if business means throwing mud at the competition. It doesn't get me mad in the way it did when I was myself a fanboy, more that it gets me mad as a fully-paid-up member of the games industry.

C'mon, Jack. What's with this?

 "Our view of the Game Boy experience is that it's a great babysitting tool, something young kids do on airplanes, but no self-respecting twenty-something is going to be sitting on an airplane with one of those. He's too old for that."

I'm a self-respecting thirty-something and I have had some great experiences on the DS. That's a classic throwdown that any self-respecting fanboy throws out there - Nintendo is for kids. Far from it. Say what you like about the Wii, it's expanded the gaming audience like you wouldn't believe. Jack failed to mention that massive percentage of females who game on the DS too. Surely Jack knows that this is only good for the very industry he's a part of? Those "self-respecting twenty-somethings" probably have more than just their Nintendos to play with. Heck, they probably own something Sony-branded too.

Nintendo were creating gaming experiences with playing cards waaaaay before Masaru Ibuka - co-founder of Sony - was even born. I Wikipiedia'd him too. He looked like a decent bloke. He wouldn't diss the competition, Jack. Have some professionalism for once in your life, sir. Maybe some measured judgement? Maybe realise that the world's pretty fucked up right now and some solidarity wouldn't go amiss?

I don't think he cares though. Stuff like this only turns people against each other even more than usual. The more mature members of the gaming community (of which there are quite a few and thanks to the passage of time, continuing to grow) all sigh a collective "Oh, Jack. Not again." as we double-facepalm ourselves once more and watch with horror as the younger members of the gaming community take Old Man Jack's kneejerk press release as a pointless call to arms. Comment sections of the world implode with pedantic fact shouters and die-hard dick-comparing deviants. A part of me fears that the Sony Research Machine is already going through those comment sections with a virtual comb, gleening some kind of viable information out of this familiar debacle.

Where's Jack now? All that hate and nauseous poison has to escape sooner or later. Straight after the lobster dinner with the PR folks, he's on his knees and throwing up his guts in the usual restaurant cubicle. Jack crumples into a sullen heap as he hears the muffled cries of joy and celebration from the nearby table of faceless suits behind the facing cubicle wall. One last trickle of glistening mucus leaves his lips. The words "Never again" drowsily uttered from them.

He knows that'll never be the case.