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Had a rather lovely moment just now where I saved a rather gigantic freighter from space pirates and got invited on board for a reward. Nice thing is that there was a moment when it felt a teeny bit like what we were sold on from all those trailers though obviously on a much smaller scale. Best thing is I already scouted a smaller freighter and this much larger freighter? Same price to purchase. Stepping onto a freighter and having a nose about is still a nice feeling; ships dock and the view from the control room looking out along the bow of the freighter itself is still deeply impressive.

Also getting stuck into the base building stuff. It is a bit glitchy - I've had components which were once free to move between suddenly blocked off (solved by going into build mode and back out again) as well as my ship spawning into the base itself. I think the new quests from the NPCs you recruit give the game some much-needed purpose. They could improve visibility of what race are inhabiting what star system via the map as you have to recruit specific races for specific jobs.

It's sad to think that Hello Games will probably continue the radio silence due to the abuse and roll out these updates without too much fanfare.

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Not sure if you have to use the teleport in both the base and the station of that actual system. Haven't encountered this before though.

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Interesting that if you warp to another system to look for stuff for your base in a previous system, you can teleport back there again. Strange things go on a bit with your ship though - I've had my ship spawn inside the base. The nice thing about this is that you have a genuine point of reference to return back to. I always hated the fact that once you left a system, it was hard to navigate back to it if you needed to.

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@adequatelyprepared said:

They said that they improved the terrain algorithm but all I see is just more and more rolling hills.


These old man eyes have seen some kind of difference in the terrain - not just that, but planets look like they have richer shaders too. Feels like there's more subtle colour changes to planets.

Today I flew into a freighter and enjoyed the experience - it's nice to have fresh, new things in the game and the interior of the freighter was pretty impressive. Surprised at how cheap it was when I talked to the admiral of the freighter, but I think it's the same deal with inventory slots for ships as it is with freighters - mo' slots, mo' money.

Also feels like there's a lot more freighters warping into space. I spied a whole bunch warp in while I was in the middle of a denser bunch of asteroids and I think the game feels that bit more alive and rich from something as simple as that.

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Sounds like I'm in the latter here, but the update is quite impressive given the time they've had to work on it. The alternative to the update is - well - no update at all. It makes sense to bring out smaller updates which will show they're continuing to support the game rather than larger bouts of radio silence with larger updates. I think the base building stuff is sound if you consider it to be a temporal thing - use it to grab as many elements as possible to shuttle them to your freighter.

I still do think that they had a gameplan for all of the other cool stuff but was shut out by an unrealistic release date and had to fall back to a lesser version of what was originally intended. I have hopes that we'll get the game we were promised in those early trailers. I still dip into the game from time to time but more as a way to unwind. Definitely will give this update a look though.

Edit - really quick look at the Foundation Update on PC. Things of note -

  • Warping between systems is now much, much faster.
  • New elements! Already spotted Spadonium.
  • Scanning for elements on undiscovered planets out in space = extremely useful.
  • Nice little light trails on ships now entering/leaving space stations.
  • Motion blur! Photo mode!
  • Might be my imagination but seeing a lot less outposts, etc.
  • More aliens hanging about space stations - some needed for building, etc.
  • Found a "habitable base" and need some iron to start building stuff. Might be worth stockpiling before searching.
  • Numbers on elements in the UI.
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Horrible sense of deja vu waking up this morning like I did with Brexit. My wife is American and she's sick to the stomach at the result. We were planning on the possibility of her moving back to the US and dragging my British ass along with her, though not any more. It utterly saddens me that this is the end result.

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@ichthy said:

People get way too invested with entertainment products.

It's almost like some kind of horrible feedback loop where folk get hyped up for upcoming games which is then fuel for marketing men to stoke up even more hype from those folk. The weird thing is that people have short memories and it doesn't take long before they get all hyped up again without remembering what happened previously.

This Twitterstorm only outlines how chronically poor the communications of Hello Games and Sean Murray have been in recent times towards their customers. Remember when Hello Games were liked by almost everyone for their Joe Dangers? Memorieeeeessss...

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Should we be surprised that months of radio silence that Sean Murray's Twitter comes back to life with talk of server hacks following a mysterious tweet of "No Man's Sky was a mistake" on the Hello Games Twitter? Should we be even more surprised that the tweet could have been that from a "disgruntled employee" of Hello Games that could maybe have been Murray himself? I can't say I'm that surprised - if anything, I suspect Murray could be losing his mind? Maybe we're all losing our minds? Hmm.

Kotaku do an excellent job of covering this here with links to Forbes (adblock unfriendly) and Mashable of other details behind this lunacy. I'm sure more details will come out soon - most likely is that someone got into Sean Murray's Linkedin and tweeted there via the linked account. Maybe. Judging by the comments on those tweets, seems like a lot of angry folk are still pissed.

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Currently enjoying Westworld here in the UK - although makes me sad I can't visit the Discover Westworld site due to my location. Only seen up to the second episode - which definitely felt more like a connection with videogames than the first. Narrative design/game design, the quests, the "hub" town being safe and the further out you go, the more exciting it gets for a guest.

@nardak echoes what I thought about the second episode with the knife - the hosts are indistinguishable to guests so it seems possible that something like that could happen by accident to another human. It also made me wonder why there isn't some kind of screening process for people to enter the park - like some kind of psych evaulation. It's obvious that knife man has some kind of psychopathic tendancies so why even let him in? In the original movie, you at least had some way to tell who was a host and who wasn't.

I also wasn't that keen on the start of the second episode where a host (was she a host?) was trying to invoke some kind of sexual liaison with the guest who was getting outfitted as a cowboy. Surely all that stuff should be happening behind that door? Seemed weird to me - you'd want to invite guests and that's it. All the fantasy stuff should be in the park. I do like the mystery behind the cowboy in black - he's on a secret quest which might have been put in there by Hopkins' character as an added layer of narrative.

It's a shame the robots are more synthetic and less - well - robotic. It reminds me of the cylons in the new Battlestar Galactica where they are more human than machine with blood and synthetic guts instead of metal and wires. I do like the way they're created though - seems like a 3D print kind of vibe - and you could argue that the teams responsible for creating the finishing touches to the hosts are game dev comparisons to character artists and AI programmers.

Looking forward to future episodes - I can see a lot of possibilities with this for the future.

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