Games I've worked on

These are the games I've worked on during my long development career as a bloke who spends far too much time behind a computer monitor and not enough time enjoying the wonders of the outside world. Enjoy!

List items

  • I did some early UI tests for the "Finish Him!" animations before ending up working on some of the character endings. Kitana? That was me. Stryker too, yo.

  • I worked closely with the guys from Housemarque regarding their in-game UI and front end UI to spruce up what they already had.

  • This was the first released videogame which I worked on in the role I have at Atomhawk Design as a Lead Graphic Artist. I worked on prototyping the front end in Flash, and eventually implementing it in Unreal. Loved going to see the guys there in Cambridge, brilliant bunch of people.

  • Last game I worked on before Midway died a death. Let you in on a secret. There's a build somewheres which still exists and has all that dark-type shizzle in there too. Shhh.

  • Wheelman was the last released title I worked on when Midway was going through its death throes. Mixed reviews, sadly, but I am still proud to have worked on the game. It had some unique approaches to the driving genre, but I'm sure the Midway branding didn't do it any favours in the eyes of gamers. If it's cheap, grab it.

  • I worked on the PSP version of L.A. Rush (or Rush) - my first big gig at Midway Newcastle. I really enjoyed working on the PSP side of the game, and I used Midway's dreaded ScreenStudio proprietary UI tool to create the UI for the game. It was a bit too gangster for my liking...

  • When I worked at Jester Interactive, this was the game which I really cut my teeth into as a developer. I was Lead Environment Artist and was responsible for all the buidlings in the game. We did extensive research of the Isle of Man and took a lot of reference photos to get the game as accurate as we could.

  • Music 3000 was the last major music product I worked for while I was at Jester Interactive - I was responsible for all the UI elements (design/execution) as well as a sizeable chunk of the video content too. Definitely had a lot of fun with this.

  • While on assignment at Ubisoft, I did all of the Foursquare-style app in the game including branding, icons, UX, and all the photos. The nicest thing was to zip about virtual Chicago changing time of day and snapping photos like a cyber-tourist.