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The Perfect Kinect Experience? 4

Me and my Kinect, we never seem to get along. A recent purchase with the underlying excuse of "research" due to the nature of my job, I already realised that my living room was insufficient for the demands of the somehow-sentient box of tricks. That nod of its head when it powered up for the first time... it always felt judgemental. If it could shake its head at the lack of playspace in front of my television, it wouldn't surprise me one jot.Microsoft's market research obviously took into accoun...

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The Joy Of Making Videa Games 0

Like a thief in the night, Game Dev Story will meander into your very cortex and borrow a hole there. It will gladly make its home in your sub-conscious as you think of new and exciting strategies during your time being a faux-developer. Actually, I think you're the dude behind the desk - you're the Head Honcho of your very own game development studio. Haven't you always wanted that? The chance to expose to the world the next gaming megaton? This game allows you to do this - in your mind, obviou...

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Hmm. 0

"House of the Dead: OVERKILL is currently the Guinness World Record holder for the most profane video game of all time, with the word "fuck" uttered over 189 times throughout the game."  Says it all really.  Plus the game has the worst reloading-your-gun speed ever. House of the Dead 2's reload was instant and felt delicious. This feels clumsy and more often than not, you feel like you're powerless to react to zombies which take advantage of your pedestrian reloading speed. There's a charm to ...

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The total epitome of the "YouTube" of gaming. 0

I have fond memories of The Dishwasher - when I was working late in the studio one time, PartnerNet brought up some future-treasure from Microsoft's mysterious portal of wonderment. This was one of those games, and from the moment I downloaded it, I was hooked. The game itself doesn't have super-polished graphics, or feels like it's been fluidly iterated from one version to the next during development - that's the point.   It feels totally visceral - totally right. Rough around the edges, a swag...

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Great stuff! 0

I worked on the game therefore I'm 100% biased. Saying that, I think Wheelman suffered from people who wanted GTA 4 with Vin Diesel. Vin isn't going to jump on the bones of a dirty whore, or shoot the face off a Spanish policeman. The game features a unique vehicle melee mechanic which I think was a fresh approach. I'm proud of the arcade-y roots of the game (given Midway's heritage). It is a shame that the rocky development of the game could have given the gamer a lot more if stuff was executed...

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