Games I personally want to see as PSN downloads for PS3/PSP

Why, oh why are Sony continually posting the obscure tat, rather than the big PS1 titles on the store?


Here are a few titles off the top of my head that should have been up there since day 1:

Soul Calibur / Edge / Blade - Awesome, could even have ad-hoc multiplayer patched in, in my fantasy dreamworld.
Metal Gear Solid - I'm half remembering the control system was a bit full on, so maybe that is stopping this.
Silent Hill - shockingly I missed this at the time (apart from the demo bundled in with whichever Resi game it was bundled in with)
Oh, yeah while I'm on with it:
Resident Evil
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 3: Nemisis

I mean these have hit pretty much every other platform, so why not the one they don't really need recoding for?