Bored in Class - Tired Ranting

I've been really busy lately.  This semester has left me pretty much with 5 hours a week to play games.  I don't really play much nowadays - just my account on WOW.  It's crazy to think there are folks out there with lots of time and lots of money to go out and get all these new releases.  I remember a time when the house only had one console - you were either a Nintendo family or a Sega family.  If you had BOTH, well, you were filthy rich, weren't ya!

I've got a Wii collecting mounds of dust.  And that's sad.  The last game I played on it was Smash Bros.  The last serious game I played on it was Twilight Princess, but I didn't beat it.  The last serious game I beat was Metroid Prime 3.  I wish Nintendo would release more games of this caliber.

Now, I've got some disposable income...but no real time to play any games outside of WOW.  I'm  eye-ing that Fallout 3 pretty hard, but I don't think I'll get it soon.  My system could use a few upgrades...dual monitors would be awesome.

I'm spending more time reading, actually, than I do playing games.  I guess it makes sense when you consider that I'm never home anymore.  I'm reading this series called "Mistborn" by Brandon Sanderson.  It's a pretty awesome series of books.  There are 3 in all and I'm on the beginning of the second.  It's a fantasy book, and instead of magic, the main super power in this series is that of consuming different metals and drawing upon that power to manipulate other metals in your surroundings.  Not crazy Magneto manipulation, but just enough that, when done right, you're practically flying through the air and shooting out coins with your mind.  Pretty cool, and a refreshing alternative to spells of fire and ice.

Why does it feel like this election year, I'm forced to pick the lesser of two evils?  Maybe I'll drown my sorrow in some Lolcats and photoshopping Ryan Davis...