PigzFly's GOTY 2018

2018 has been a wild year. 2017's D&D obsession became a full blown addiction which meant that video games were few and far between. Aside from the top 4 on this list, I don't think I played more than a handful of hours of them. There was a weird month in there where I played a TON of Diablo 3 on PS4.

List items

  • A stunning game that came at the right time. I embraced the slow pace and leaned into the western vibe. Arthur is a great character with a melancholic story.

  • This is the first Monster Hunter I've really sunk my teeth into since Freedom Unite 2. I love it.

  • Always a sucker for for Smash. As of yesterday, I just finished unlocking all the characters so my time with the game will probably drop off but who knows. Also, I might have found a new favourite character in Robin.

  • Gorgeous game with very satisfying combat and of course, the web slinging.

  • Here's where my game time takes a dive and I'm super bummed about that because Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is one of my favourite games of all time. I hope to play more of this game at some point in the future because its incredibly charming and nothing I love more than colourful games.

  • To be fair, I bought this because of Critical Role's involvement in the voice acting. I haven't played much of it at all but I could easily see myself losing hundreds of hours to this game (if I had hundreds of hours to spare)

  • Another colourful game that fits my aesthetic. I NEED to get back to this game in the future because from what I've read and seen in screenshots it gets really fun.

  • Barely touched this game but it feels a lot like the first game with some nice little improvements.

  • I'm shit at fighting games, but this one looks incredible.

  • For a brief period of time I was consumed by this game. It's everything I wanted from a mobile city builder. Single purchase price and no garbage microtransactions to string you along to the next level/upgrade.