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Company of Faith

   So I finally opened up my copy of Mirrors Edge that’s been in the shrink wrap sense Christmas you know why, School! Sense becoming Features editor for my school paper and taking on AP English I’ve had essays and stories to write constantly not leaving much time to play games. I’ve also been trying to fix my computer that reboots constantly (instead of getting the blue screen of “death”, which is what XP is set to defaultly).

   I had an idea of what to except form Mirrors Edge from playing the demo over and over, and I must say this is a great title. I’m not really into the cut scenes being animated yet I suppose they are refreshing from the constant asylum white hallways to the grey buildings and the story isn’t that great so far yet the game play is A+. That is when your run (duh) and doing the whole parkour thing. I find when encountering enemies the game really gets bogged down with the repetitive combat and boring gun fights. I never use guns because there hard they take the whole flow of the game away and that what makes this game so spectacular the flow. Running, jumping over barriers and sliding under pipes is so fluent and when jumping from building to building has you on the edge of your seat which implemented with solid good gameplay to great gameplay.

   Company of heroes is hands down my favorite game so far this year (yes ten days in this year, so what).  While it dose have a steep learning curve the sense of accomplishment is amazing. For those of you who don’t know CoH is a RTS for Pc and you take on the role of either American, Germans/Panzer Elites or British. The most drastic change from most RTS games (opt out War Hammer 40k games, relic made them) is that you capture resource points so you wont be building harvesters or supply depose, yet this is a double sided sword. While it changes p the gameplay you must also defend these points meaning there is a lot of running back and forth between attacking, defending base/control points and capturing enemy points.

  I’m currently enjoying the single player allot ore than the multiplayer due to the overall flow. Missions start with upgrades and a small amount of troops, when in multiplayer you start with no up upgrades and next to no defenses. While I do understand its standard convention for RTS games online to start from scratch I feel that only the hardcore do well in multiplayer.

I forgot to add a happy newyear blog so...Happy New year!