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Quick Holiday Update

Heres just a quick update of my game related gifts.
-Company of Heroes:Gold-Company of Heroes and Opposing Front.
-Mirriors Edge-xbox360
-Batman:the Dark Knight
-Command and Conquer: Retro pack-Tiberium wars,Firestom,Redalert 2,Yuri's Revenge,Renagaded.
-PainKiller tripple dose-PainKiller,Batle out of Hel,OverDose.
-Unreal Anthology-Unreal,Unreal Tournament Edition,Unreal 2 the awakening and UTK 2004.

Will be back on live/steam soon just been to busy relaxing with the family.  I'm also going to pick up some games off steam like Bioshock $5 and the Half-life exspantions for.99 cents a piece.