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Review Published and Purchases

So recently I joined the new game network as a freelance reviewer and my first review for the site was published. Here is also a link to my portfolio site.

Purchases of the month

Penumbra Overture, Steam-$2.50
Check the review for impressions.

The World Ends With You, DS-$10

+ Enjoyable combat.
+I feel the need to progress though the some what whacky and weird game.
- Extremely Weird story, weird characters which is a huge turnoff.
- Do not get the Japanese references at all.

Daxter, PSP- $5

Haven't played enough of it yet but it seems like a good looking straight forward platformer.

Peggle, Itouch- $.99

Love this game to death and for the price of a hamburger im glad I took advantage of the sale.

Light Wars, Itouch- $.99

A Geometry wars clone that doesn't always control that well but is still loads of fun to play and at $.99 it was steal.

Might & Magic V, Steam- $5

+ Same great ****of play
+Graphical tune up is a nice addition.
-Not much has changed in the series.
-Some moments of slowdown.

Seven Kingdoms, Good Old Games ( - $6
A impulse buy as it's a game I played a lot during my childhood but it really hasn't aged that well.

Keep on gaming.