Unfinished: <Roscoe> Original drawing by Pimbly

Unfinished: <Roscoe> - Original Pen on Paper - By Pimbly (2014)
Unfinished: <Roscoe> - Original Pen on Paper - By Pimbly (2014)

Yup, this happened.

I've been amazed and inspired from seeing the duders here on Giant Bomb create some of the best original and digital art over the years. There are some seriously talented graphic designers in this community.

They've (you've?) inspired me to work digitally again. The goal is to make an incredibly detailed black on white drawing turned into a multi-layered and colorful Photoshop mutation. This is like Rock Band 4 or 12, so don't expect the end result for a while.

The mentality behind it is to express myself while also allowing the viewers to create and express their own subject matter. It's a typical abstract expressionist methodology (ala Jackson Pollock).

Fuck! Not another one of those!

Unlike the drunk and angry abstract expressionists (ala Dave Lang), I bring more love, structure, energy, movement and meaning. Basically being a human being...

There's much more Giant Bomb and other references to come. Figured this was a great quarter-way point to finally share and get some feedback.

Here's a mostly complete list of what was intentional in this so far:

Giant Bomb references:

-Giant Bomb bomb

-Roscoe the alligator


-Drew jumping out of an upside down plane

-Wind Jammers

-A one star review


Non-Giant Bomb references:

-Ball lighting on the beach of Lake Ontario with my friend Dre. We both saw a floating ball of light moving towards us in the night sky and at one point Dre felt like he was possessed by electricity. We ran screaming to the car 30 minutes away, and then one of the worst thunder storms we've ever witnessed occurred. Maybe it was aliens though... maybe g-g-g-oooosts?! Nope, it was ball lightning.

-The SiS and I at an Umphrey's McGee show in Syracuse. REPRESENT!

-Sitting by a fire in the middle of nowhere in the Adirondacks.

-Super Mario Bros. blocks and end level flag.

-My high school friends and I sitting on top of a roof at 3am; Phil Fish style - <wink> <wink> (you'll understand if you watch the GDC video).

-An old friend Jake and his infamous College shirt that went from pristine to destroyed all within a night drinking at a field party. If you find him and look REAL CLOSE you'll see he's holding a bomb which basically describes that night in a metaphor.

-The infamous JP ala Mr John Powers and I sitting comfortably on the top floor of the Wigwam in the old BH woods.

-Snapping turtle that lives in a pool at lower falls Rattlesnake Gulf NY.

-The initials: PFH.

-Marcel Duchamp's chess board floor in NYC.

-Many random mountains and waterfalls in NY.

-Taking a VW Van from New York to Tennessee for Bonnaroo.

-Two accidental grease stains that have been re-purposed and are now a part of the art. Will not confirm or deny they were caused by Taco Bell.

-The second level in Battletoads, with a friend, that ends up in nothing but hitting each other over and over. And over.

-Wolverine's claws (only once intentionally).


-Tingle, from the Zelda series, is dual wielding a crack pipe and a dollar bill. One for smoking, and one for snorting. Winners don't do drugs.

Do you really want to end up like Tingle?


No, you don't.

So what are your opinions so far? Bring it.


Cubism :

Jackson Pollock always said to deny the accident ::

Salvador Dali's obsession with using his great eye sight and steady hand to create intended small intricacies :::

Marcel Duchamp's love with structure, mechanicalism and motion captured in time....

P.S. I know I'm crazy. It's a beautiful thing.