PimblyCharles - Top 8 - Game of the Year 2014

Here's my first GB list ever.

The really bad games I played this year aren't worthy of being on a Top 10, so since there's only 8 games I enjoyed, it's a Top 8.

Here's my Top 8 GOTY picks for 2014:

List items

  • I'm usually not into these type of games (like Gone Home and other "walking" simulators), but this was a breath of fresh air and a truly memorable experience for me. It is absolutely gorgeous and uses some of the best nature tech in the business. The story and mechanics are also very unique and well done. More people need to give this a shot.

  • Finally a GOOD South Park game! Obsidian is probably my favorite developer and Trey & Matt's humor speaks to me. You can tell all parties put their heart and soul into this game, because it actually feels like you are in a South Park episode. Best humor in a game this year for sure.

  • I LOVE both Metro 2033 and Last Light. Playing Metro 2033 again with updated visuals, difficulty and performance increase was just as good, if not better, than when I first played the original.

  • Riding an elephant, that's throwing around bad dudes and cars with it's trunk, while also shooting explosives with an uzi is awesome.

  • As a big fan of Ace Team and Zeno Clash, I knew I was in for something special here. The art is what stands out the most to me, and it's absolutely beautiful.

  • Yup. The game no one seemed to care about or played. If you're a Gothic fan, this is the Risen game to play.

  • Even though the story and voice acting was terrible, I had a lot of fun messing stuff up in the world and grinding on buildings with boats.

  • While not as good as NBA 2K14 in my opinion, I still played the hell of this. Go Knicks!