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Coming back from behind just at the last minute. The match was only 30-minutes long, but it felt like hours:

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I really enjoyed knife wars on Tehran a week ago.

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An average from roughly 300 people who decided to go on Amazon to say average things about it means jack and shit. I'm sorry, wait, no, I'm not, but this is pretty fucking stupid.

Go look at Modern Warfare 3's reviews on Amazon. It's a 3-star average! Oh god, that series is sure going to down the drain; no one has probably bought that average piece of garbage.

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@Neeshka said:

Anyway that's that. Bethesda excels at creating vast open and mostly beautiful worlds for a player to mess around in for weeks together. Skyrim does this very well.

I agree with all your criticisms, but like you said, Bethesda's made a great world and that's why I love this game. For me, it overpowers any and all problems to the point that everything else doesn't matter. I love the world and I love exploring and being in it.

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I had so many problems with this game. I really didn't like how they handled piecing together Geralt's past. It was like, dialogue, dialogue and then SUDDENLY CUTSCENE BECAUSE I REMEMBERED SOMETHING WTF. There's no sense that I earned a new fragment of Geralt's memory. It was arbitrary and just kind of happened. For all the talk of non-linearity, it's really just that one point at the end of Act I that's really pivotal, providing a different point of view. There are some other decisions down the line, but the game ends before you get to see how any of that played out. The same randomness goes for attributes. You just gain them without a really knowledge of how, instead of making that part of the leveling system. The UI was pretty awful and that inventory is a clear case of form over function. Witcher 1's UI was pretty elegant and obviously designed for the PC; I can't say that for Witcher 2.

Still, a fully realized world, alright combat, insanely beautiful and everything but Geralt's memories are well-told. There were parts of Witcher 2 I really liked, but all told, I was disappointed.

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Damavand Peak. My god. Who thought this was okay?

Operation Metro. My god. Who thought this was okay?

Seine Crossing. It's... okay. You only have like three ways to get to the bridges from spawn. It gets to be a horrendous clusterfuck when those are locked down, which is easy.

Kharg Island. I like it.

Caspian Border. Probably the best CQ map in the game.

Operation Firestorm. Probably the best CQ map in the game. One of these two.

Grand Bazaar. Lots of ways to move around and flank, but most just sit back on each end of the roads firing each other. I don't really enjoy it.

Tehran Highway. Pretty sweet, I dig it.

Some of these maps obviously weren't built for CQ at all, which just seems like a backwards of developing a game like this. If they built it as a CQ space, it would be easier to adapt the map for Rush and other modes, instead of vice versa. Case in point. Damavand Peak, Operation Metro. So obviously built with only Rush in mind and then tacked on with CQ after finishing the map.

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In a startling announcement today, President Barack Obama and all major world leaders announced plans to declare world peace to get ready for Battlefield 3.

"My PC parts just arrived and I don't really care about Libya anymore." said Moammar Gadhafi, ousted ruler of Libya.

Peace talks occured roughly 30 minutes after Digital Illusions (DICE) released their latest Battlefield 3 trailer on YouTube. Boasting full-scale destruction and 64-player online warfare on the PC, all world leaders promptly started making diplomatic calls to one another.

The trailer displayed an online carnage atypical of what games offer today, with a wide selection of armored vehicles, air transport and massive maps for players to wage war in. Rendered using DICE's own proprietary Frostbite 2.0 engine, the visuals on display were on the bleeding edge of technical excellence.

"After that trailer, all bets were off," said President Barack Obama "I wasn't really too keen after the beta, but this trailer just changed my mind completely."

Obama added that he understood the slight irony of the situation in how a war game would promote world peace.

"I think that's the secret all along." said Obama "We all know war can be thrilling as long as no one gets hurts, but that's never ever the case. It's always tragic, always full of despair, but those moments of do or die -- the intensity, the adrenaline rush of combat, that RPG screaming past right above your head -- that's something I'm sure people want to experience and DICE has done that. They've made war fun."

DICE was not surprised by the sudden willingness from all nations to finally join hands in unison and work together to achieve a better world.

"It was one of the unintended side effects when working on Battlefield 3, so we're not surprised at all." said Lars Gustavsson, lead multiplayer designer for Battlefield 3. "Towards the end of development, we got reports from our playtesters saying that they had sudden urges to promote world peace."

DICE will be the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts in promoting and ultimately securing world peace.

"Just another trophy for our trophy case. Not really a big deal." said Gustavsson.

With only 6 days left until the release of Battlefield 3, world leaders are quickly reaching terms of agreement before the impending release.

Obama hopes world peace will be established before October 21st, so everyone can start preloading the game.

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@withateethuh said:

Wow, talk about taking things out of context. If you RTFA, he actually praises certain aspects of the singleplayer, just says that its nothing really new. And then he goes on to praise the co-op and multiplayer. The only aspect of the multiplayer he says is COD-influenced is team deathmatch, which was put in the game as a sandtrap to keep all of the people who don't want to play the objective away from those want to.

Stop trying to sensationalize shit and complain and just enjoy video games, you asshats.

This should be on the opening post.

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Abstract art is right. That mini-map display exactly no valuable information on any zoom level.