GOTY 2019

List items

  • I played Team Fortress 2 for 254 hours during my entire college career. I played PUBG for about 148 hours over the span of 2 years. I played 638 hours of Apex Legends over the span of its release to now. Needless to say, this is my game of the year for 2019.

    Apex Legends has it all. The guns feel and sound unique and incredible. The characters all have their individual personality and is well balanced when countering one another. The game speed is quick prioritizing skill, movement, and placement. Respawn learned from other games in the genre taking the best from each and adding their own flare. While I’m taking a much needed break from the game, I still have the itch to play.

  • I forgot how much I enjoyed playing Halo: Reach. Ramping up the difficulty to Legendary while driving a warthog with friends aiming at targets is probably the most fun I had all year. The game runs pretty smooth on PC and I only managed to hit a few connection issues. I wish they kept a few features from the original release. The lack of free for all scoring during campaign dulls the experience slightly. But it doesn’t take away from the overall enjoyment I had playing this great port.

  • Take notes Destiny 2, this is how you make enemy encounters challenging and engaging. Remnant is a surprising complete package with a unique arsenal of guns and melee weapons. You can customize your layout to a variety of playstyles. Managing your stamina while fighting a swarm of enemies is the game’s core. The story has branching paths that influence the loot that drops. The main downfall of the game is that it is near impossible to run through the game alone. Thankfully the online matchmaking is seamless.

  • I only played the online multiplayer and it’s probably the best Call of Duty I played. The time to kill and gunplay is a bit more realistic to its predecessor. The game had preloaded cross play where you play against others across all three platforms. I really like all the game modes with the exception of a few. I am not a fan of the some of the map designs nor the hitbox but overall, the game shines among a boatload of first-person shooters that came out this year.

  • I briefly played the Outer Worlds and was charmed by the personality each NPC had. I wish they displayed the skills, perks, and leveling system in a better way. I spec’d my character for charisma but it didn’t feel like that mattered. The gun play felt more off than a Fallout game does. I need to give the game another shot because it oozes charm. People complain that they did not reinvent the wheel or went too safe with the risks in the game. I think that they went to prove that a new first person narrative franchise has a place in the world especially with the fallout series going online multiplayer. It definitely has charm and personality lacking in the recent fallout games.

  • A game I love to play if I had the attention span to read out every detail of my actions. It’s one of the few games where I believe that choices do affect how the characters and plot directly. I appreciate the tone of the setting which encapsulates itself with the art direction and character influences. I think there are too many obstacles suppressing the player’s conquest to figure out what the heck ois going on. I feel like almost all my runs, I died at some point. Disco Elysium is a great game I played. I really like the idea of the adventure genre game coming back. There is a lot of depth and flexibility to how the player tackles the game’s narrative. You can definitely impact how the plot unravels with how the character interacts with the world.

  • Another game I wish I spent more time with. Definitely a game I wish I had the drive to finish on my own. A fantastic open world puzzle adventure game.

  • Goodbye Destiny 2. It’s not you, it’s me. I bought shadowkeep in support of Bungie’s independence. I played a few hours releasing that the structure and core foundation of the game is no longer for me. While Forsaken was a step forward with making the entire campaign work within the construct of the game, Shadowkeep doesn’t feel the same and I understand why Bungie needed to cement their decision towards the free to play model. However, I just feel that Destiny 2 continues down the trend of being wide as an ocean but shallow as a puddle. I feel disconnected to the game’s lore and setting. The introduction of the in game codex is nice but narrative and storytelling falls flat. They doubled down in telling the backstory through item description and in game text. I wish they did more with narrative like they did with the Ace of Spades side quest.

  • Later Alligator is a very charming game. From my understanding, the game is entirely animated by hand. The jokes are hilarious and ridiculous. The soundtrack by 2Mello was on repeat for about a month. It’s a fantastic package and more people should play it.

  • So, I only play this game because I enjoy playing online co-op games with my friends. I like sneaking around with my buds while being placed in a tense situation. That experience makes the game fun to play. The issue about the game is that it's not that scary.