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I'm primarily interested in Giant Bomb, love everything they do, so I'd err on the side of those guys. I'm captivated every time Will reached for a spudger though, and after the performance of Will and Norm on the BLLSL, it would be a shame not to see them each week. Alex & Matt? I thought their section was weak, and as much as I like the guys, I wonder what they could add each week. Beyond that? Comic stuff just gives me a chance to have a break... 
In addition to that though? I want to see more of the people on the show! Vinny deserved some screen time, and I'd love to see Drew in front of the camera a little more, sober or otherwise...
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*nods* I've seen what you mean a few times, the way terrain is in particular areas can leave you with feelings of deja vu - can be a little off putting if you're relying on the surroundings to familiarise yourself with a given region. Not seen entire areas and villages just copied and pasted though?
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@Tennmuerti said:
"Is this the same game that limits your playtime to 8 hours a week after which you get less and less XP eventually dropping to 0xp after another 7 hours?

Not quite. The surplus system is based around a series of XP thresholds. For the first 8 thresholds, XP will be earned at 100%. For the 7 thresholds following this, XP will gradually reduce to 0, with the remaining stored as surplus. Nothing has been done with the surplus stored as of yet. The concept of a threshold is based around how much XP can realistically be gained in an hour, so someone who's grinding XP constantly is likely to hit surplus before someone who takes time out to explore, visit towns, craft, gather, and so on. 
XP impacts on your physical level, but not your different disciplines within the game, which level up through skill points. These have their own associated thresholds, and can simply be avoided if ever touched on by changing to a different discipline.
@Tennmuerti said:
"Is this the same game that is said to have insanely repetitive quest and boring grinding combat, worse then many of the current MMO's on the market?

The guildleve system is the primary source of quests in the beta right now, with only one class quest being present in the game, and all others omitted right now. Levequests take different forms depending on whether they're local or regional, along with the type of discipline you're currently playing. Disciples of War and Magic will have levequests to kill a certain number of different types of monsters, but this isn't so different to other MMOs.
@Tennmuerti said:
"Is this the same game that has already been accused of having huge amounts of copy pasted areas, not just objects mind you but entire villages and areas copy pasted."
Not that I've ever seen, no?
"And now I hear even the UI is abysmal .... lol It may sell well in the east just from the brand name alone, but not in the west.  I love the smell of MMO failure in the morning. "

*nods* the UI is rough to say the least unfortunately...
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The game won't launch with an AH, as it seems to be SE's intention to have an entirely player-driven economy. 
The economy and massive inflation was what stopped me playing XI, so I still have my concerns over the implementation of the economy in XIV. Right now it's completely impractical - if I'm after a given item, I need to go to each and every retainer I find at my local market ward, going through the miscella that they're selling. I've heard suggestions that a search feature needs to be implemented, but then doesn't this essentially create a distributed AH system? 
I've seen a sign for an AH in Limsa during the closed beta, so it seems that they're already planned out in the game.    
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There's a surprising number of gamers in my office actually. The majority of my colleagues vary in age from early 20s to late 30s, and whilst I was the only early adopter of the 360, now it's a different story - off the top of my head I can think of 12 other people with the console.
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@Diamond said:
" @PixieNinja:  wanted to update you on this fiasco.  They got back to me basically saying that that system is not for feedback.  So they're not taking any user feedback on bugs / problems / suggestions with the open beta. "

Ouch, that's far from ideal considering they direct open beta users to do exactly that. They clearly need to deal with a whole host of issues from a very basic level, and I'd be really surprised if the game still launched on the projected release date. 
Cheers for the update Diamond.
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Woah, this thread has exploded...
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@Diamond said:
" @PixieNinja:  Here's what the support page says :
"Please describe as much as possible in 4000 byte letters. When you are encoutering the trouble, please enter the error message, date and time of occurrence, current condition, and Connection Structure."  Well, as long as I'm only using letters that are less than 4000 bytes I should be good!  Also, why does their site require I enter my email 3 times?  But seriously, thanks for the contact system, because they didn't tell us any of that.  I will be submitting a few of my problems.  They won't be able to fix them for months, if ever, but it is the best thing to do. "
Their support system is just as protracted as their registration system, but at least it gives us all an avenue to voice our concerns. I know you have several :) 

"@PixieNinja said:

" @Seppli: If it's too late, and you're washing your hands of it, why are you still complaining about it?  Go tell them what you think. "

Dude - Open Beta Testers can't see the Closed Beta Tester Feedback. We can send a feedback message. We can't even start a fucking thread.  Threads, that with 1000% guarantuee exist and are popular on the Closed Beta Feedback forums?  Are you fucking new to this gig? Or what? Somekind of naive Open Beta idealist? Seriously? "

No, I'm not 'fucking new' to this gig, I'm just providing you with appropriate avenues to air your concerns, nothing more. You're entitled to your opinion, I just figured that someone with so much to say would want to air them somewhere where the powers that be can potentially take them on board. 
Pointless taking out your frustrations on me, I'm not arguing against you.
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If it's too late, and you're washing your hands of it, why are you still complaining about it? 
Go tell them what you think.
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Submit some feedback if you feel so strongly.