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S-Ranks of 2010

Games that I've managed to S-Rank in 2010.

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  • Why do I do this to myself? Why do I put myself through such games? Ordinarily, the sign of a game tie in to a kids TV show will have me rushing to my rental list with glee, and this was no exception. When I got to play the game however, my decision was called into question the longer I spent with the game. If Ben 10 was any good as a concept I don't suppose it would've been all that bad, but most of the aliens you can turn into? Who the hell came up with these things? This thing stands out as one of the worst I've whored for gamerscore. Avoid at all costs.

  • It was about time I got this one finished - it arrived as a rental back in February some time, and I'd touched on the game a few times but couldn't really get into it. it gradually got lower on my priority list until I picked it up again recently, and the more time I spent with the game, I realised that it wasn't actually all that bad considering. It took 1.5 playthroughs or so for me to max out all of my reflexes and such, and then I had a day off work where I decideed to tackle playing through on hard in one sitting - not so bad this time around, as I wasn't hunting for the dog tags religiously, just keeping an eye out for the mutagens to help me along the way.

  • It seems that Capcom's pioneering leap into the world of preDLC has paid off. 400MSP sees you indulging in a zombie filled jaunt that won't appear in the full Dead Rising 2, lets you get a feel for the mechanics of the game, get a head start by levelling your character to level 5 which can be carried over to the full game, and generally gives you a taster of what to expect. I wondered what Case Zero would bring to the table, but I was kinda impressed. Had enough for me to go back and mop up the last few achievements that I didn't get first time around.

  • I was looking for a worthy game to become my 100th full retail S-Rank, and the time of the year made this a worthy candidate due to me needing the "Arr..." badge. I've spent quite a while with this wonderful game, and it's certainly up there with my top games on the 360. My save game says around 88 hours, but I've undoubtedly put more in from repeating different tasks, especially from some of the different activities around the city. I've played through the whole game in co-op with my girlfriend, and I can only hope that next years Saints Row 3 builds on the successes of this anarchic gem.

  • This is one of those games that makes me feel ill, but at least this time around it's a gradual feeling, so I can feel it's approach and cut short my play time when needed. This aside, Prison Break is an odd little game really - I think it has some genuinely special moments, but these just aren't enough to elevate it above sub-mediocrity. I like the character visuals, I like the way that orange items in the environment means you can interact with them (enter doors, climb fences and pipes), but that's about it. The story, voice acting, stealth detection and stupid unscrewing mini games all need work.

  • Ever since I saw the quick look for this game on Giant Bomb, I knew that I'd be getting it. There was just something about it's simplistic charm, and it's minimalistic approach to RPGs that was refreshing and interesting. It was a bit of a slow burner for me initially, but once I got past the beginning of the game it soon grew on me. Here's hoping we see more in a similar vein from the guys at Double Fine.

  • This arrived sooner than expected, as it was only recently that I heard about the game, let alone expected to be speeding my way around a warren of ever changing mazes yet again. I hammered away at parts of the original CE due to some fierce competition from one of my friends, and this has just sparked the flame all over again. This is like CE on steroids, and whilst it gave up it's S-Rank a little too easily, I can see myself coming back to it time after time. Great fun!

  • A fishing game, who would've thought it? I've never tried any of the Rapala games before, and considering how easily the 1000 points fell on this one, I'm surprised I didn't get to it sooner. It wasn't too bad until I had to go through doing my 30 challenges, then it simply became a chore.

  • How ridiculous is this? A game that determines whether you're lying or telling the truth my some random interpretation of your own voice? It does a really terrible job of it, but when it offers up all of it's points in less than an hour and a half taking into consideration time for trying it to convince you're lying/telling the truth? Yeah, gimme those points!

  • This was the Windows 7 Phone version of the game. Despite it's lack of multiplayer, this is a pretty good implementation of the game. You have tournament mode where you get to churn through 15 rounds against various number of opponents, and with various rules in addition to the standard set. There's also a quickplay option too, where you can just jump in for a quick game. Achievements aren't too bad either! This marked my 40th arcade title that I've S-Ranked too...

  • This is a tough one to summarise - I put a huge amount of hours into this game, a total of 198 across the different characters I've toyed with, and 195 alone with my main character. I've played through the whole game alongside my girlfriend, and at times it's been amazing - it's take up an entire weekend in the past. There have been times that I've got really sick of it too, as it got really tedious and repetitive at points too. I'll look forward to a sequel, and overall I figure I've taken plenty of positives from it if it's taken up that much of my life.

  • This has to have been the easiest game released for Windows Phone 7 so far! You essentially work through levels, flying over flowers and avoiding critters. The main thing is for you to get through the levels in as short a time as possible, and you can nab all 200 points in just an hour or so.

  • One of the freebie games released on XBLA in December 2010, and after a few games it's already surrendered it's 200 points. It's like a poor man's Motorstorm, but feels a little too cheap and arcadey really. Yeah, cheap - I know it's free, buy hey ;)