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Top Ten Played in 2010

The one thing that stood out for me this year when putting together this list? Just how many good games I've managed to completely overlook. Seems like I have some that I really need to pay attention to from 2010, see if they can make an impact in 2011s list.

List items

  • I've never been a fan of western movies, and so I avoided Red Dead Revolver like the plague. As this game was on the way though, the video previews that Rockstar put together really made me sit up and take notice. Upon release, it lived up to all of the hype. I didn't like the direction the game took at the end, as you were left with a character that was a shadow of the original, but it didn't detract from the game as a whole too much.

  • The sequel to the great Mass Effect took some odd directions, dumbing down aspects of the game that, in my opinion, didn't always need to be done. There was still an outstanding story with some stellar (excuse the pun) characters for you to lap up the details of.

  • I was a fan of the original Mafia on the PC years back, so it was inevitable that I'd be getting my hands on this when it arrived earlier this year. I really enjoyed the story, even if it didn't seem to make it onto many other people's lists this year.

  • This was another personal favourite of mine - it certainly had it's issues, but there was something about wandering around the French countryside blowing up Nazi installations. I loved the way the game used colour as you progressed through the story - areas under Nazi control were all in black and white, with the only bit of colour coming from the Nazi flags on buildings, vehicles and soldiers. As you liberated sections of the city, colour and sunlight flooded in. It was a really nice touch.

  • This could well have been higher, but I've only spent a relatively limited time with this since it's release. I have yet to reach the point where I gain a team of assassins to send out to do my bidding, and I haven't experimented with the multiplayer, but what I've experienced elsewhere has delivered the same kind of experience I've enjoyed from the previous games in the series.

  • I'm a fan of the Dead Rising franchise, but I hate zombies. They really give me the creeps, but I'm still compelled to play the games with them in. This was a budget taster of what to expect from Dead Rising 2, and it was an excellent move by CapCom. I lapped it up.

  • This is another entry that could well have been higher had I stuck around to play it more than I have this year. I've played it both solo and in co-op. I'm a big fan of the Tomb Raider series, and so I was curious to see how the mythos would transfer into such a different style of game. It works, and I'd love to see more of this in the future.

  • I think most people expect Hot Pursuit to be the one racer in people's top 10 this year, but I got more out of Blur this year compared to Hot Pursuit. Mind you, I only got the latter on Christmas Day, but it still hasn't made the impact I expected. Anyway, Blur was a worthy parting gift from Bizarre Creations, and I only hope the guys have the chance to do more in the future thanks to someone snapping them up.

  • I was a HUGE fan of the original CE when it was released a few years back, and so I was curious when another version came along. This certainly didn't disappoint. The previous version was fuelled by competition against one of my friends, but the same competition just isn't there this time around as fear or family commitments take hold :)

  • Yet again, another game where I've spent limited time with it, but it still makes it onto here. Quite why it wasn't marketed here in the UK with the song from the 70s series Monkey playing in the background is beyond me - a missed opportunity if you ask me!