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  • PizzaSauce posted a message on the post Forza Horizon 5.

    @bezieh: It looks kinda clunky on this video for some reason. I'm playing on the Series X and for me it's a deifnite improvement over Horizon 4. The graphical detail is quite impressive.

  • PizzaSauce posted a message on the post We Saw That Steam Deck.

    Great video lads, I'm hyped for this, looks like a great piece of kit.

  • PizzaSauce posted a message on the post Phalanx For the Lovely Knight - Borne to Run #02.

    I have never played the Souls games but after enjoying episode 1 decided to pick the game up and give it a go. I am going to *try* to keep up with you guys as you play through. I'll openly admit I am...

  • PizzaSauce posted a message on the post Introducing Demon’s Souls - Borne to Run S01E01.

    Great job duders, really enjoyed this and hyped for future episodes.

  • PizzaSauce posted a message in the forum topic What's your top 10 of the year?. on the General Discussion board

    The Outer WorldsControlA Plague TaleMetro ExodusF1 2019Resi 2Outer WildsCODApex LegedsKingdom Hearts IIIDidn't get round to playing but would likely also make the list - DMC 5, Borderlands 3, Death S...