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GB is taking my spare time

In isn't easy to be a completionist. Especially now when GB has added this Quest system. I have a feeling that I'll spend more time in this, to be honest pointless stuff, then is healty for a 22y old man.
Thanks GB, not only do you have TWO endurence runs going but now this! How far will you go to have GB the only site I visit?


I love the Internet

Here's a great post I found on a news site about 360 sales over PS3 sales, now thats not what important. What is Important is that I found probebly the funniest most missinformed person on the internet.
Heres a couple of quotes.

"I am gonna talk here the Truth u people know and specially the 360 owners, know that the 360 has been on sale for almost more then a half decade and the PS3 jus have like 2 years"
Thats just awesome. Did you guys know that the 360 was released more then 3 years before the PS3? I feel like an idiot for waiting untill a year before the PS3 came out.
Here hes comparing the PS3 and 360 to cars and the costs for those in the long run.
"its like buying a Toyota Corolla and buying a Hybrid yes the Hybrid cost more but in the long run u barely have to use gas while in the cheap a** Corolla u gotta go like twice a week and with the hybrid just one lets see now who spends more money"
 I dont know really but I fill up my car once a month and I use my car every day to go to work and to the store a few times a week(I drive about 700km/435miles a month). Those who drive 1400km a week you'd have to drive 14h @ 100km/h(60miles/h) to get to those figures. Also it has pretty much been proven that unless you use the Prius for city travel only and only during short periods it consumes more gas then another normal petrol car in the same class. And that a modern Diesel is far more economical and better to the enviroment then a Prius.

"And the stupid s*** of the ring of death thats something planned dude what console or even a computer tells u that it is going to get ****ed up soon, so prepare yourself cause i got like a week of utility. The green lights turn red when the **** they put a red light on the 360 and why the green lights turn red thats bulls***."
I dont really know what hes talking about here, something about RROD or the green light turning red being a conspirisy, I dont know but its really funny.

 "Before the PS3 was released u guys were talking "ohh my god the ps3 gets so hot bro u can make hamburgers on it""
I'm not sure but he might have missunderstood when ppl said it looked like a grill.
Also, heres the best signe of I've ever seen
"So talk s*** all u want u know that i am telling the truth u ignorant so love u guys XOXO LOL LOL BYE sucka"
Its is why I love the Internet. It makes me feel smart :)
This is not meant as a console war post or anything, I just found this guy hillarious. I myself couldn't care less if the PS3 is better then the 360 or the other way around since I have both. And love them both for what they give me in the form of entertainment.
U ignorant so I love u guys XOXO LOL LOL BUY sucka!


Terminator Salvation is done, Mini Review

So yesterday I got Terminator Salvation for the 360 as a xmas present from my parents. Now it was a bit of a coincidence since the day before I was crusing around the internet searching for some games to play now that there isn't much new coming out. And since I already have kinda all of the big name releases I though I'd pick up one that isn't. So I saw that Terminator Salvation was around $10 so I though I'd get it because 1. I love Terminator and actually liked Salvation as a movie. 2. It's $10. 3. It avarage reviews. 4. Being from Sweden(not an actuall sweed though) I though I'd support the local development... oh wait. But then I'd thought I'd wait since it said that they wont ship anything untill Monday so I might as well hold of and go check on the weekend if some stores had it for that cheap.
So heres my little mini review.
First of all, I really like the cover system even though you can't take cover at every side of a box for some reason. It is a great way to do movement from cover to cover in a fast way. And the animations look pretty good when you are moving from cover to cover. The graphics in the game are really good at spots but some of the textures were a bit mudy.  

The guns in the game aside from the Rocket Launcher, Granade Launcher and the Shotgun are pretty much useless, and the shotgun is only usefull agains the small flying enemies. I played it on Hard and I used the Machien Gun trying to take out a T-600(I think it was. The naked Terminator whit a gatling gun for an arm) and I'm not joking when I say I unloaded 400 bullets(2 clips) into the chest of the damn thing and he was still kickng. If the Veteran enemys from COD:WW were agains these terminators then they would have no problem at all since granades are the only good way to take out the walking enemys in this game aside from the RL and GL.
So the gun play is sort of lacking. 
The game has rail sequences where your on cars or whatever and shoot enemys. The first one your just armed whit a gatling gun so its not that fun. But on the second and third one you get better weapons so those two were really fun imo. 

On Hard the enemys are a bit of a bitch since they take alot of shots and have almost perfect aim so you have to keep moving from cover to cover. Now the AI isn't the smartest thing on the planet but they do offer a pretty good challenge on Hard. I could pretty much just kill enemys standing up on the lower diffeculties so play it on Hard. Though a few times there were some enemys that just kept shooting at a spot for the entier fight. 

The loads in the game are horrible. They are "only" 20sec or so but they are really frequent. You have a couple of enemy encounters and then it loads. And everytime you die, even if it is right after a load you have to sit through the entier load again and if you die alot then it can be really frustrating. But the game has a really awesome loading screen. You can look at a Terninators face from all angles. They have really nice teeth.
So in short I wouldn't recomend a full price purchase but If you can find it for $10-20 then I would say its worth it. Its not a bad game at all. Everything just feels really avarage. But IF you like Terminator like I do then you will get a good time out of this game, even if it is an extremely short one. Just don't set your expectations high.


Fuck you Ubisoft.

Now its the forth fucking time Assassins Creed 2 deletes my save and I just collected ALL 100 fethers and was seconds away form completing the game. And aparently it found an old save I had that was in Sequence 3 so now I have to play the whole fucking game again and finde 70 fethers again though this time I will use a damn map or something.
But the fucking worst thing there is, is that you CAN'T skip cutscenes. Thats just fucking retarded. So in short, Ubisoft patch your fucking game.


Even shitty bands can make a good song

I have been playing alot of NHL 10 this past month and as you should know, there are some songs in the game while your in the menus. Before the game was out I saw that Nickelback had a song in it called "Burn It To The Ground" and just like probebly 99.9% of the world I thought "fuck, they are putting a shitty band like Nickelback into NHL 10".
But now that I've heard it the song is actually pretty good. Not great mind you, just good. So aparently even Nickelback can make a good song, even if by accident.
And for the record, the rest of Nickelbacks songs are pure shit in my ears.
Now I'm a guy the listens to a wide range of music but mostly to rock in all its forms. Just so you can understand my musical taste a but better, one of my favorite bands is Billy Talent ever since I heard When I Was a Little Girl back when they were called Pezz and all albums after Watoosh! and the name change have been absolutly amazing IMO.
Here's Nickleback - Burn It To The Ground if you haven't heard it.


Achievement Unlocked: 40.000 Gamerscore

I finally broke 40K. And the game I did it whit was actually Gears Of War 2. I finally got around to finnishing the campain. I played up to the second to last chapter when it came out and after that been playing online agains my friends now and then and totally forgot about the campain. Well, its good to get that out of the way now that NHL 10 and Halo 3: ODST comes out.
To celebrate, A burger.


It's Official. Nokia is out of their damn mind.


They have just announced the N900 thats said to be an internet focused phone that runs on a linux based OS called Maemo. The internet browser in it is based on Mozilla tech(firefox) and has Flash 9.4support(upgradable) , it has a touchscreen and a slide out qwerty keyboard and has similar look to it as the N97(that I currently own) and heres the kicker. The phone has 1GB of RAM. Fuck! I have 3GB on my PC and that little thing has 1GB!!! Hell, you could run every damn phone application ever created and it wont even slow down one bit.

I'm both pissed and excited since I bought the N97 2 months ago for 650€ and this new phone will be around 500€. The N97 and N900 are practicly identical except for the different OS and Insane ammount of RAM.
Im totally getting it though. I'm stupid that way.

Hers a link http://maemo.nokia.com/

PS3 and X360E the same price, but not everywhere.

I was cruising around on my favorite place to buy games from on the internet a few minutes ago and to my surprise I found someting SHOCKING!
As you know the 360 Elite and PS3 are both $299 now but aparently not in Sweden. 
The PS3 was 3 549kr and the 360 Elite was 2 549kr. Now thats pretty weird since usually when someting costs $299 its 2 999kr though a dollar is worth something like 7-8kr. 
Aparently the PS3 has some strange tax added(its usually baked into the price already) in it that for some reason none of the other consols don't have(since its already baked into the 2 549kr of the Elite). So while the Elite is pretty close to the $299 when converted when the PS3 is closer to $399 then $299.
So simply put the PS3 is not easy to recommend here in sweden when you can get an arguably better GAMEING console for 1 000kr less.


S Rank on Shadow Complex, and other shit.

I finallt got the full 200 points form SC. I've played that game for probebly 20h. The game is pretty amazing since you can go back and play the game several times whitout tiering of it. If you haven't checked the game out yet, I recommend you doing so. Its well worth the price.
Aside from SC, I have been playing Civ Rev alot. I got it last week for around $25. Revolution is the first Civilisation game I've ever played so I started on the easyest and won really easely. So as one does, I played my next game on Kind diffeculty and in short I got my ass handed to me in a serious way. I was defending my citys whit archers when the others were bombing the shit out of them whit bombers and tanks. Civ Rev is also a game I would recommend for everyone that likes strategy even a little to try out. Its supper addictive.
Well, as you guys might have heard, Batman Arkham Asylum came out today here in europe and I'm planing on picking it up tomorrow after work. I have heard noting but good things about the game except that shit Ryan was spouting in the QL, but he hadn't played the game yet so I dismiss that. Its gotten really high scores on reviews. I was really surpriced when I read that it got a 9/10 from a swedish gameing magazine that I read frecvently and ofthen agree whit the scores they give out.
I have been pumped for AA a long time now since I'm a huge Batman fan so this game will probebly hold me of untill NHL 10 and Halo 3:ODST come out.
Shit, I checked out what comes out this year and even though alot of games have been pushed back I still have theres still somewhere around 8-10 games that I want this year. Damn... looks like it nudless for x-mas this year again.


Trials HD breaking bones!

Well I've been playing quite alot of Trials HD this week end. The Skills Mode in Trials is pretty fun, Down The Strairs is awesome.
My record is 120 broaken bones and I'm ranked 889 last time i checked. The funny thing is that after I did that, I did exactly the same thing 2 times. I broak 120 bones and landed in the exact same place, its weird since its physics based and doing someting the same way twice let alone 3 times is next to impossible.
Well I'll leave you whit a video of me breaking 115 bones, I hope it works, I've never tryed Ovi Share for Videos before. Well Let me know if you cant see it.

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