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Even shitty bands can make a good song

I have been playing alot of NHL 10 this past month and as you should know, there are some songs in the game while your in the menus. Before the game was out I saw that Nickelback had a song in it called "Burn It To The Ground" and just like probebly 99.9% of the world I thought "fuck, they are putting a shitty band like Nickelback into NHL 10".
But now that I've heard it the song is actually pretty good. Not great mind you, just good. So aparently even Nickelback can make a good song, even if by accident.
And for the record, the rest of Nickelbacks songs are pure shit in my ears.
Now I'm a guy the listens to a wide range of music but mostly to rock in all its forms. Just so you can understand my musical taste a but better, one of my favorite bands is Billy Talent ever since I heard When I Was a Little Girl back when they were called Pezz and all albums after Watoosh! and the name change have been absolutly amazing IMO.
Here's Nickleback - Burn It To The Ground if you haven't heard it.