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PS3 and X360E the same price, but not everywhere.

I was cruising around on my favorite place to buy games from on the internet a few minutes ago and to my surprise I found someting SHOCKING!
As you know the 360 Elite and PS3 are both $299 now but aparently not in Sweden. 
The PS3 was 3 549kr and the 360 Elite was 2 549kr. Now thats pretty weird since usually when someting costs $299 its 2 999kr though a dollar is worth something like 7-8kr. 
Aparently the PS3 has some strange tax added(its usually baked into the price already) in it that for some reason none of the other consols don't have(since its already baked into the 2 549kr of the Elite). So while the Elite is pretty close to the $299 when converted when the PS3 is closer to $399 then $299.
So simply put the PS3 is not easy to recommend here in sweden when you can get an arguably better GAMEING console for 1 000kr less.