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S Rank on Shadow Complex, and other shit.

I finallt got the full 200 points form SC. I've played that game for probebly 20h. The game is pretty amazing since you can go back and play the game several times whitout tiering of it. If you haven't checked the game out yet, I recommend you doing so. Its well worth the price.
Aside from SC, I have been playing Civ Rev alot. I got it last week for around $25. Revolution is the first Civilisation game I've ever played so I started on the easyest and won really easely. So as one does, I played my next game on Kind diffeculty and in short I got my ass handed to me in a serious way. I was defending my citys whit archers when the others were bombing the shit out of them whit bombers and tanks. Civ Rev is also a game I would recommend for everyone that likes strategy even a little to try out. Its supper addictive.
Well, as you guys might have heard, Batman Arkham Asylum came out today here in europe and I'm planing on picking it up tomorrow after work. I have heard noting but good things about the game except that shit Ryan was spouting in the QL, but he hadn't played the game yet so I dismiss that. Its gotten really high scores on reviews. I was really surpriced when I read that it got a 9/10 from a swedish gameing magazine that I read frecvently and ofthen agree whit the scores they give out.
I have been pumped for AA a long time now since I'm a huge Batman fan so this game will probebly hold me of untill NHL 10 and Halo 3:ODST come out.
Shit, I checked out what comes out this year and even though alot of games have been pushed back I still have theres still somewhere around 8-10 games that I want this year. Damn... looks like it nudless for x-mas this year again.