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The Speed Gamers Halloween Marathon for Charity!

The Speed Gamers are a well known group of people who host live video game speedruns for 3 days (or sometimes a whole week) along with their commentary for charity. The Speed Gamers have been on the news countless times (as seen in this link ) and are therefore trusted by many, and for the right reasons. They always keep their promise in giving the money to charity and provide great commentary for their fans, sometimes even doing things in the game or giving away prizes depending on the person who donates the most.
Check out Their latest Marathon at
....Okay so actually this is a really poorly written blog but seriously, if you could at least continue to promote The Speed Gamers then it would be very useful for their cause.



Okay so hopefully I won't screw this up and post this on the boards. Doing it for the quest,  obviously.



Really just doing this for the quest, if I screw up and this gets posted in a part of the forum, then I'm real sorry. 

For a long time I've been saying that I wasn't going to get addicted to online gaming. The only taste I've had of it before Xbox Live was the Wii online, and for the games I tried it with, I was pretty sure I would never like online.
Boy was I wrong =/ I've only played played Team fortress 2, Blazblue, Gears and a bit of Splosion Man online and while I'm a noob at all of em, I couldn't help but become dangerously addicted to playing online....With the exception of Gears (seriously people play waaaay to expertly on that and it just ruins the fun)
I can't believe I've been missing out on so much, and now that secondary school is over for me(well almost), I have a chance to  actually have a lot of fun with it. The problem is that I could have made a lot more friends in school.
Well Damn.