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Beta 2

I'm in the Beta for Starcraft II and the game is essentially the same as the first with a few tweeks and its graphically much better. I loved Starcraft, it was the game that got me into video games, and I will love Starcraft II. Battlenet is the biggest improvemnt here. I'm not a terribly good player and while I know how to rush, I dont like to play that way, but battlenet is really good at setting me up against someone who is about my level of play. This has made the game much more fun in mulip...

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I want more games like this 0

I really enjoyed this game. It's an achievement in storytelling that they were able to give me a complete story arch that thematically fit together and I have to imagine that that's not just because I was lucky and got the only well-written ending. The gameplay is intense; even when you succeed each little step of the quicktime you dont feel like you succeeded as much as you feel like you avoided dying. The truth may be that its actually quite hard (I played on Normal) to die but thats not how i...

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