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As a low level players (I can play Reaper, Reinhart and Lucio semi-decently), I wouldn't be surprised if a Mercy did badly in a game. Her offensive gun is actually kinda awesome if you can hit headshots regularily. It's way better than no-mech D-Va. From my experience, it's like a single Tracer gun without full auto fire. It's just most low/mid level Mercy's forget to use it, the ones who remember it forget to heal properly. High level Mercy is super rare, one who can actually do both supportive offense and healing defense.

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@upperdecker: I would pick the most recent you can find. If you have a 3DS, the Ruby/Sapphire remakes are fantastic and the design of individual pokemon kinda peaked around that time in my opinion. They keep improving mechanics, so X/Y are probably the most comfortable and varied. The GBA games are still great, but they show their age when compared to the recent games.

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@upperdecker: A few years ago I got DEEP into Pokemon. I've played probably every single complete ROM hack there is. You have no idea how savage that combat system can be. Pokemon Reborn makes Dark Souls seem like a kiddy pool. Many of those hacks are more polished than a lot of high profile "indie" games. If you value your time, stay away!

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I don't have any real definitive games I can always go back to, though any game where I'm not a pre-determined character could fill that role. The Dark Souls games, any good 4X game (Galactic Civilizations being my favorite), Path of Exile / Diablo 3/ Grim Dawn, any recent Pokemon, pretty much any game I can start a new character/race/whatever and play by some new random challenge. "No shield run", "domination through diplomacy", "a 100% glass cannon mage", "only grass types", those are all different restrictions I impose on myself. Playing games with rules like that makes me appreciate them so much more. I probably wouldn't be such a massive Pokemon fan if it wasn't for nuzlocke.

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Wasteland 2 has sections were its pretty much Horizon with fewer robots and less dreadlocks, I'm assuming the original Wasteland was the same, 25-30 years ago. Enslaved is literally your "post-post" setting. That's just of the top of my head. Also, a setting is not enough for a game genre. You could put all kinds of genres in a post-post-post-post-adnauseam setting. Wasteland is a tactical RPG, Enslaved is an action adventure. Change the camera perspective and you'll have an FPS.

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Uhmm what overwhelming consensus are you talking about exactly? From what I can see this years E3 was incredibly divisive. Among my friends the most exciting games are Titanfall 2 and For Honor. Zelda could be summarized as "well they Skyrimified Zelda, that could be cool".

As for your question, I think it's way to naive to think this could be some kind of trend. This "post-post apocalyptic" setting is nothing else than regular post apocalypse with some pretty vegetation.

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Idle Thumbs


Dropped Frames

Joe Rogan Experience sporadically.

The free stuff by Dan Carlin, though I'll probably buy the lot because it's so damn good.

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Saints Row 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider were both pretty cheap on Steam, turns out I already owned Shadow of Mordor, never played it though. I've purposefully avoided the CoD games since they seem very overpriced if I only intend to play the short campaign.

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I built my PC little over a year ago and I chose all my parts by looking at the price range I was prepared for and picking stuff with good user reviews. Everything comes with easy-to-understand instructions and there's no real way of putting things in the wrong place, besides a few superfluous cables like LED lighting. I did fuck up a little by not fitting the I/O shield, but that's no big deal. One of my parts came with some cable ties, otherwise the only extra thing I bought was some cooling paste since I wasn't sure if it was included with the CPU (which is was). Putting it all together was super easy and quite fun actually. I've heard some horror stories about static electricity and computer parts, so keep that in mind. I wore sneakers and ground myself on the metal table leg between every part. That might be overkill but I wanted to be sure.

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I did play Doom and Wolfie, great games, not too heavy on characters and story though. I've heard some positive buzz about AC Syndicate, I've never played any AC besides a couple of hours of AC2. That's the latest one right?

That's the kind of spitball I was looking for. Syndicate on the surface looks like nothing I'd be interested in, I don't care for history but if it has interesting characters and story, I'll probably enjoy it. The only thing that kept me going through GTA5 was the three main characters and the insane situations they found themselves in. I usually gravitate towards anything sci-fi, whether it's steampunk, Warhammer 40K and anything inbetween.

I've thought about AC Black Flag too, but is there anything good besides randomly swashbuckling with your own ship? Having my own ship would probably bore me if there wasn't an interesting story driving me.