Every Three© (2)

Well the whole once a week video thing was a little to long for me, so I decided to put a new one out every three days. In my opinion, posting a new video every day will get old, and I want you guys to enjoy this, not find it a chore to come and watch. Like I said before my videos are absolutely random, don't really have to do with a certain topic. This one is gaming related, and its another song. I love this one. And its not fanboy related so everyone will like it. 


And for the copyright sign, well thats just a joke to the two users that "borrowed" my idea for video of the week. I'm really fine with it, just as long as you guys don't the every three thing. It kind of rymes...right?

Hoped you enjoyed the video. And Schrute Bucks for whoever can name the song the tune to this is from. PM me.

Thanks for reading...well I guess watching