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69031 New Game Game Very interesting game: "Everything is made out of paper – tiny bugs, strange creatures, mysterious places and put together thanks to glue and countless hours of cutting." http://papetura.com/ 10/09/19 02:52PM 10 approved
69030 New Game Game Game like Desperados. And from interesting era. http://partisans-game.com/en/ 10/09/19 02:50PM 10 approved
69029 New Game Game A new game from creators of Plague Inc. https://www.ndemiccreations.com/en/54-rebel-inc-escalation 10/09/19 02:45PM 10 approved
69028 New Game Game Don't know why. Maybe, it's a new game? Amanita Design won a few prices for theirs creativity and this one will probably win again. https://amanita-design.net/games/pilgrims.html 10/09/19 02:41PM 10 approved