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"But at the same time" Ryan loves his "bananas". He doesn't give any to Brad so as a result Brad is always hungry and sleepy from making people "take it!" so much. Uhhhhh... janky.

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I really would appreciate some comment on the situation, even if it's hopeless and will never be fixed; just some kind of response that we're not just wasting our time even responding here.

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@BombKareshi said:
@DeF said:
So what I'm wondering is: does this not affect everybody? Cause if that were the case, I'd guess this thread would have A LOT more pages by now?  Mine don't sync either, by the way.
Removing and adding back your account on GB seems to update your achievements, as I just found out. Maybe other people are content with doing that? I still feel it should be fixed, though.
I re-added my steam account a little over a week ago and it updated all the achievements I'd earned from before and after the point when it stopped updating, giving me a lump update of every achievement I'd ever gotten, but since then it hasn't updated to add any subsequent achievements I've earned after the point I the I re-added my steam account.
So yeah, still broken for me at least. And removing/adding back hasn't fixed anything for me. I'd be interested to know if it has fixed it for anyone else. Also, like everyone else I'd like someone to post here if their steam achievements are working just to confirm that this isn't site wide, just for my own sense of faith in the top men.
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I haven't had my Steam achievements update in about a week either. The last update went through on the 10th of May with achievements from the 9th. I've obtained achievements on the 13th, 14th, 15th and 17th but none of them have been updated to GiantBomb yet. Hopefully the detail about the dates is helpful, otherwise just adding a voice to the choir.

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Using Firefox 4 any attempt to login to any other whiskey media site or multi-pass button shows only the text "internal server error".
I tried logging in through Chrome and the login page shows up but once the information is sent it gives the 500 error message informing me that top men are aware.
I'm using windows 7.
The link that's giving the error is
I assume from that you're aware of the problem but I only thought to post this because other people might not be able to login at all. Right now I'm afraid to log in and out to check and see if it's possible to do so or if it would give me the error. That's why I tried logging in on Chrome.