Flaw games

They can be Bad or Mediocore. It can be mentioned also Good games (if they really mess it up in some parts).

But they are mostly flawed for design. (It could be anything)

It can be learned by playing it and look the details why it doesn't work.

I'm targeting mostly the developers/indie, if someone want to make their own game.

Don't do the same mistake like they are:

List items

  • Level Design

    Enemies placement

    Unfair Bosses

    Unfairly Difficult (no "easy" mode for casual)

    Escape button is Suicide

  • ALPHA/BETA 3D game




  • Music


    Movement is too slow

    Enemies too fast

    Player collision are too much off the chart and precise (1 pixel touch to an enemy and you are dead)

    Escape button is Suicide (all your lifes are now gone)

    No Save options (when you die, you have to start all over again)

  • For kids!

    Unresponsive controls

    No logic (falling down in water like a stone)

  • Wast world - Not much interactions

    Collectibles are hidden (feathers) - Needs to have Navigation tool (lead, flow)


    Backtracking tedious - (Example like: No portals)


  • Pole Timer simulator

    Unskippable cutscenes/introduction

  • Combat -- Only works shooting


  • Seizure (Rainbow colors and also spinning the whole screen)

  • Or called: Sonic 2006

    Loading screen...

    Glitches - They can be fun, but it needs to have a good reason like this game (Goat simulator)

    Rushed, Unfinished

  • Automatic running

    Short levels and can't go back

    Enemies can't even attack you

    You can play with 1 hand and beat the whole game by using only Speed Boost

  • Sonic Boom: Wii U


    Unresponsive controls


    Pause. Jump. Pause. Jump. (Also they update it somehow)

    Multiplayer the FPS is slower, unplayable

  • The space games are:

    A grande bagunça espacial - The big space mess (the title says it all)

  • Players Unknown Battle Grand (Android)

    - Rip off

    - 3D controls movement and camera on Mobile


    Other game with similar name is:

    Unknown Battle (Steam)

  • Level Design


  • Credits says: Fuck you too. (I'm not joking that part, they flip a bird)

    Forceful story (no character development or have a reason to any motive to do that)

    Vergil DLC are bad cutscenes art

    No Lock-On target - (They updated it)

    Bloody Palace is DLC, not in the game (at least it's free)

  • Get your damn clothes OFF!

    Unresponsive controls

    Long tedious, unskippable "movie"

    No pause

    Weird alternative endings/game over

  • GOOD MOVIE -> BAD GAME (most commonly)

    Controls of shooting

    Moving on rails

    Settings (no invert mouse)

    No manual saves

    Enemies placement

  • Controls


  • ALPHA/BETA game (Unfinished)

    No rules

  • Combat is TOO simple (hold and release and you kill all enemies, no need to worry most of times)

    No real difficult (I beat the game on hard mode without a single power up and it was easy still)

    Story is TOO simple it has almost no plot whatsoever (find your brother and he's a monster, beat it and that's it), no development character and motive

    Glitch on doors stuck (they updated it)

  • I'm not blaming the engine.


    I only the specific ones who has the most problems with games.

    - The story (not interesting story to continue the game)

    - No character development/motive

    - Un-Challenged with no real reward

    - Repetitive grinding

    - No rewarding

    - Illogical Puzzles

    - Strict rules

    - A monster appears at almost every step

    - No tutorial


    Those games have problems:

    Mystery Dorm 2

    Don't Sleep [Horror\Rage]

  • Also: The Cheetahmen

    Half assed 52 games

    No testing

    Broken/glitches games

    Messed up graphics

    Illogical objects

    No tutorial


    Too easy/hard

    No rules (Win or not)

  • Mediocore, but you can learn from it.

    Make a simple game and controls can be very addicting, also frustrating too. Already from the start of the game. Mostly just for scores.

    Don't make similar/same/copy clones & upload it.

    Just inspire it.

  • Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (2)

    - Tedious collecting money,

    - useless dialogs,

    - no hints,

    - slow text at night and day,

    - no difficult bosses,

    - illogical puzzles,

    -falling visible floor


    MODS/FANS they fixed most of it in:

    Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest Revamped

  • Secrets in the main story

  • Uncontrollable movement and shooting


  • One hit you die (only this difficult)

    Squeeze in the movement of design (precise)

    Background is a distraction (similar colors bullets of enemies, not very visible)

  • I'm not blaming the engine.


    I only the specific ones who has the most problems with games.

    - Glitches

    - Not much interaction

    - Dark (you can't see anything)

    - Platforms collision to get stuck

    - 3D Movement and camera on Mobile

  • Strict rules

    No interactions of big wast world

  • CD-i

    It is written: only Link can defeat Ganon.

    Great! I'll grab my stuff!

  • CD-i

    Enough! My ship sails in the morning. I wonder what's for dinner?

    Oh boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an Octorok.

  • CD-i

    You again? I suppose you want rubies or information or directions to a shrine or whatnot. Really, it is all too dull!

  • CD-i

    Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay Luigi?

    I hope she makes a lots-a Spaghetti.

  • Simulating face is harder. At some point, it's officially real, it falls off the cliff and gets creepy.

    Human - by Rag'n'Bone Man

    I'm only human after all

    Don't put your blame on me

    Don't put your blame on me

  • 8 hours of driving...

    Does have a life a pause button? (Nope. But we could have a rest, a relax, that could be a pause)


    They are somehow successful by the donation to Child’s Play Charity. (Congratulations)

  • No progress

    Every level has a different rule (you can walk on lava in some levels)

    Too many enemies

    No difficulty

    Too many traps with enemies behind you

    You can get stuck easily (if you fall down under the bridge)

    Illogical puzzles

    Items are misplaced (floating on air)

    Made by fans (At least they fixed most of it in the new game called Master Levels for Doom 2)

  • Level design



    No fleshed out characters

    (They fixed a lot of "Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight")

  • Consistency of story & doesn't make any sense

    Level design is confusing, no real directions

    Platforms are unrecognizable

    Floating edition (spirit)

    No explanation tutorial what does it do? (like people you have to put down the bags on their head, then now you can possessed them when you are dead)

    Nothing scary (1st level you stay away from the enemy, next level you push off the cliff this enemy)

    only gore, not much very effective for being disgusting (they tone down a bit, because PEGI or something...)

    Animations are not effective, even possessing (it's slow)

    No puzzles (only searching for it)

  • Jumpscares edition (some are really good ideas, but not all that well executed)

    - They are 172+71(DLC - Inheritance) jumpscares.

    (I count it, not to be precise, but it's THAT MANY)

    The problem is the (no slow) pacing with many predictable jumpscares.

    Doesn't much interact with you, like horrifying you. Just a shock in a short of period of time. That's not terrifying.

    Wrong positions of a jumpscares. (ghost facing the door, not the player)

    No real focus to the player for the interactions.

    Too many sound effects like something is happening. It can be many times be missed, because the character position of the camera. - Let them player see that on it's own, without screechy sound effect (wooo scary).

    Annoying screechy noises (like the phone part in hallway)

    What you need to do? Look up? Search it? Tell me at least the puzzle? Not just looking around aimlessly.


    Horror have the funny jokes too?

    Like baby doll crashed into the wall, hitting himself, falls down off the cupboard when it opened the window (also the picture has a grin portret guy that laughs, when you turn it around).

  • Boring sections, most of times are hallways (even enemies).

    Not memorable much sections or unique creative level design

    Random generator confusing level design

    Not enough much progression, like powers are mostly are random positions not enough much the difference

    Pacing is slow (grinding)

  • (Only PC) - This is very different game compare to PS2.

    Swinging is limited, you have to click on the web, sometimes even a struggle in a far distances

    Climbing can be bit of weird of platforming

    Camera positions can have a struggle

    Bosses could done better

    Platforming is the most struggle to play especially smaller ones

    Weird limited level design - not free-roam (you can't climb on skyscrapper, because invisible walls)

    The most annoying level of them all is Defeat Mysterio (meteors exploding - too fast, no checkpoint, weird platforming - also if you fall down you have to start all over again, tedious boss )

    Weird fighting also limited power (you can't use whenever you like it's automatic, when it's on full power, you can't cancel it) - At least the power up is strong enough and satisfying to punch someone

    Puzzles are Simon game.

  • This game has SO many flaws, even on standards. I didn't actually believe it (because of popularity) until I play this game. - (on official website 2017)

    Grinding through the levels. DEMO: 1-20 level.

    The level design IS a dangerous place.

    Enemies attacking with no guards protecting in the place. Which should not be in there in the first place!

    I'm nowhere safe in this zone.

    No secret (items,weapons) rewarding for exploring.

    It's very hard to get invested especially long ass tutorials.

    PvP can be pretty unbalanced. - You have to have the right (items/armors/potions/etc..) and also hitbox are so off the limit it doesn't matter where you are.

    You'll die many times. Recovers are even more struggle to wait 8 minutes.

    Respawn enemies are bullshit. They are completely random. (Time & place)

    Drop items are annoying. Because it will be gone in some seconds.

    You can't change the class once you choose you stay that way. Remember kids: Mage doesn't heal. - except if you keep ONLY the enemies turning into a sheep and heal themselves somehow. WTF!

    Doesn't scale the difficult.

    It doesn't have the consistency sometimes: (Fire torches. Sometimes it hurts you, sometimes does not.)

    You're wasting MY TIME! Yes, The game told me that.

    Chat is too limited to talk also when you chat in long sentence, it just disappear.

    No movable HUD to organize yourself. Also it's very small on bigger screen.

    The most struggle of all is to how to find the friends (where are you? - also the map doesn't show anyway the players)

    You cannot be on the Team both having the same quest, unless you post it on Blizzard mail, not in the game.

    WOW, did not age well.

  • Not this game. But game called:

    One Life (2015 - PC)

    Basically a multiplayer survival FPS game and you have 1 life. If something that kills you, you are dead. That's not a problem.

    Problem was the payment.

    If you die. You have to buy it again with a full price. Which is 10$!

    What a joy.

    One Life is being retired. - No shit, it could be at least less money or at least free multiplayer game to play.

    I think this game had One chance.

  • You know when they are unfinished games be (alpha) released and still lack core of the gameplay? This multiplayer game has it.

  • This one might surprise you.

    No checkpoints

    Clunky platforming

    Slow motion without a reason



  • Yiikes

    Copy paste dialogue/monologue from another books and doesn't fit.

    Character development, makes no sense. And gameplay itself.

  • Co-Op problem with a level design. With Solo especially.

    There is no pause.

    RPG elements with unbalanced progress and a lot of grinding.

    Story problem, weird dialogue.

    You guys are weird.

  • It's a great game with some serious flaws.


    - camera can be wonky in a close distance to the walls (i'm not surprised, every game has problems with camera with a close distance to the objects)

    - No pause

    - Enemies hit you through walls, except you

    - The level system, oh boy they fucked it up.

    If you level up 1-99 (stamina, strength, etc...), you'll get stronger.

    The main issue is, the leveling up is STOPPED, without a warning.

    I mean like this. When you are in somewhere 60-70% level then the leveling up is stopped.

    You can level up with 99, but there is NO growing your (strength, stamina, health,...) 30-40% you will wasting your time with leveling up WITHOUT gradually growing your character strength EXCEPT THE LAST 99 LEVEL will give you +1 point.

    The MAX level is 60-70. It stops, until the last level.

    I don't know who come up with is idea.

    I understand it's supposed to be hard. But don't be an asshole. Just say MAX level is this. And STOP THERE.

    Every RPG game doesn't fuck this up, why this game?

  • The game is not bad, nor mediocore.

    The problem is WE/Developers are.

    Because they are trying to be perfect and reboots too much and they never been finished. It takes FOREVER to develop.

    Also IT'S TOO MUCH HIGHER EXPECTATIONS, No game is perfect and too long.

    At least try some smaller projects and have some limit deadline. It much more motivates you to work.

    They did not developed any other game than this being concentrated. No wonder they being bankrupt. The other company did finish in no time.


    I understand what we have seen the trailers. I was also excited. In a long time, I thought the game was already released. Which it was very weird. Until that year was released.

    I was excited and bought the game.

    Did I enjoyed? Yes. Definitely.

    Except the fandom and others.

    Then I felt a little disappointed.

    It's most important that we enjoy.

    We could have a worst game, but it didn't.

    They put effort. Basically a good game.

    It might some problems, with kind of Ego or a little too limited for weapons (Duke: You've wish I have 3 guns - No Duke, we want all, just like classic). It might have cheesy lines. But in a good way.

    The level design is some kind of straightforward game, but also open. With a simple story. And mini games.

    DLC is also great to play.

    Overall: The game will be FOREVER being in our history of gaming.

  • The game itself is pretty damn fun.

    The problem was the sale and pretty much blame.

    The most known for is DLC (Downloadable content) nowdays.

    The developers thought it was good idea to put DLC (Disk-Locked Content). It means, it was already in the game, it just hiding in background files. When you pay it will show.

    Then It was discovered.

    Of course customers are pissed and it wasn't meant to be. That's why also was low sales.

    Also gems are unbalanced and you can't turn it off. And you can simply execute it by mistake.

    Even tournaments didn't like it, so it was illegal for using it.

    It was meant to be as a payment in shop online mode.

    Also Online mode was pretty much laggy (Netcode) the whole time.

    So I think the game was kinda rushed or mostly they did not thought well enough how content sell works.

  • Gitches, bugs, errors, slow framerate, etc,.. in release.

    Probably it was their first time using the Unity program.

    Nowdays they fixed the issue. But I don't know how much, but it was really big update like 6.7GB and more.

    It was really a bad start.

  • You know when you make an announcement (promises and bla bla bla) and gets too hype and they knew it wasn't ready and they still release.

    The game was pretty much lackluster and boring.

    Now they feel ashamed themselves and they wanna fix it.

    And they did not disappoint.

    Even free update, and fixed a lot of issues. Now the game what is meant to be played.

    Bravo, congrats!

  • It might have inspiration with the franchise. But not much, because a lot of bugs and the core of the game-play was not fun itself. Controls are uncontrollable and outdated.

    The game is pretty much rushed and not well put the effort.

  • Ahhh, the most known for GOOD MOVIE -> BAD GAME (most commonly) started.

    It's a simple plot (E.T. go home) with a frustration game-play.

    The frustration was:

    -> cliff/hole part to get out with floating in air

    -> too close and big holes, also pixel perfect collision was too easy to fall down

    -> polices catches you was kinda in the way, especially holes

    -> collecting and call telephone with given time limit


    It might surprise you, that the game was made in 5 weeks (1 month, 4 days), because for holidays seasons and it was given the short deadline and it was finished.

    Until the release the customers said it's the worst game in video game history.

    Industry crash of 1983.

    That's why they burned/buried the cartridges into the ground.

    The Atari company had lot of losses too.

    (yikes, I think it was pretty much over exaggerate)

    Now days they found the cartridges where it was buried El Paso in Texas. And they cost a lot of value.


    The game will be always remembered in video game history.

    For me, the game itself is just mediocre with some flaws. I mean we have seen much worse than this game.


    They also improved/fixed the game by someone posting a source code.

    Now the game is good. What a surprise! So old and they still manage to fix it. Great job!