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Strange games

They can be good or mediocore.

Not properly understand it? Too much different? Missing parts? Something not quite sure about the story nor the ending? Character weird motivation? Probably a flaw? Something didn't feel about right as a standalone game?

So here's mostly odd choices in video games and I don't know where to put my finger on it.

List items

  • Dante: Fuck you!

  • Season 1&2

  • The beginning was great, except the ending.

  • More like broken game! Ha!

    Just kidding.

    The Chapter 2 is not that great.

  • The ending was... WHAT?! HOW?! That's it?

  • The world doesn't connect to each other right. Like (copy&paste places)people & enemies doesn't interact with each other.

    Force Tutorial is annoying to listen that creature.

    Fighting is just a mashing/holding button. No combos to fight.

    Story is lacking. And also too much not really damn worth it for DLC.

    Okay, I believe you.

  • That stupid grandpa makes you to work like a piece of garbage. Until is gone then you finally have a little freedom to work.

  • It has some problems with the directions of a story mode in the end. That emotional feels like it was nothing accomplish.

    I understand the game theories tries to more you understand. (I understand it's a loop.)

    But the problem is it could have some have directions to have just enough to understand on story mode so you can feel something to the end. Not everything hidden.

    When you understand something then you want to explore much deeper meaning through out the game. (it can be a secret passage.)

    The ending had a problem with the execution with a misdirection story.

  • Combat is TOO simple (hold and release and you kill all enemies, no need to worry most of times)

    No real difficult (I beat the game on hard mode without a single power up and it was easy still)

    Story is TOO simple it has almost no plot whatsoever (find your brother and he's a monster, beat it and that's it), no development character and motive

    Glitch on doors stuck (they updated it)