The Elder Scrolls Games I've Played For Dozens of Hours But Never Finished the Main Campaign

I finished Skyrim!

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  • Played the least out of any of the TES games. I didn't even own this, I had borrowed my friend's copy in high school.

  • Got this for Christmas in 1996. Played it all throughout my Christmas break and several times afterwards until Morrowind came out.

  • Probably played this one the most out of any of these games. What can I say, I was bored and in my 20s. Also my sister gave me her copy for the original XBox when I bought it from her, and a friend left his at my house during a LAN party, so I actually own three copies of Morrowind.

  • I actually had to be dragged to Fry's to buy this after it came out. My friends told me it was excellent but I was in the thick of World of Warcraft at the time. I was happy they made me buy it.