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@Bass: Thanks for the links, after a bit of research the Asus RT-N56u was one of the routers I was considering, after reading that article I think that is probably what I'll look for.

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@Barrock: Maybe, do you have any experience with that particular device? Much of what I've been reading points to maybe looking at something from Asus.

Ultimately, my main concerns are compatibility, security, and hopefully relatively easy setup and management.

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I don't frequent the forums here too much, so I don't know if this is something posted often, or if this is even the best place to post it, but as I stated in the title, I need help finding the right/best router to buy for a pretty standard multi-device home situation. The one I have now just doesn't cut it anymore. I'm not especially experienced when it comes to setting this sort of hardware up, but I'm also not necessarily afraid of learning, or getting into custom firmware like Tomato. If you have any advice or recommendations I'd really appreciate it. Also, I'm on a budget of roughly $100 for this, so the cheaper the better, as long as it's still a quality product.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Glad to hear it's coming to the PC, I was under the impression it would be exclusive to consoles, if it ever came out at all. Whatever the case I'm glad to finally hear more about it, and I'm surprised that Capcom's the publisher.

I'm kind of a sucker for cyberpunk, but I'm still hoping it's a quality game. The concept art released last year(?) had Blade Runner written all over it, and even a bit of Ghost in the Shell.

Looking forward to seeing more.

Edit: Just watched the trailer. I've seen that haircut before!

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You guys have the onomatopoeia all wrong.

It's "shuh-jaaaaang", obviously.

I mean come on.

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I think it's fantastic. The performances of the main cast are consistently high quality and really help flesh out the characters. There's of course the odd minor character that's not great, but I think the casting was, overall, very well done.

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That stigma you mentioned might be good for keeping the types of people you mentioned out, but it could also prevent the game from finding a large enough audience to be successful. I don't know what kind of payment model they're going to use, but if too many people refrain from actually researching the themes and subject matter of the content and dismiss the game as an attempt to capitalize on the Twilight vampire phenomenon the audience might not grow to a sustainable size. I know EVE does well despite not being "World of Warcraft-popular" but that's because it has an extremely dedicated player base. Ultimately, I wonder if WoD will be able to inspire that kind of passion from its players. Maybe a F2P model lessens the risk, but it also raises a number of other game-impacting issues.

That said, playing the game with a smaller group of more committed people would be something I'd enjoy quite a bit.

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This looks pretty interesting, I really like the atmosphere they seem to be going for. The only experience with World of Darkness I've had is in Bloodlines (which I think is fantastic) and I'm not really a fan of MMOs, but if anyone can sway me, it'll probably be CCP. The depth they're promising makes this much more appealing than a standard MMO.

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I just started playing the other day, so I'm still learning how to survive effectively, but this game is definitely interesting. I'm very interested in seeing where it ends up going. Right now all I am really good at is getting a crowd of zombies to chase me and then leading them to other, better equipped, players. Also bleeding, I'm a pro at bleeding.