What do Prototype 2 and children have in common? (Blog post)

I'll tell you what: They both do the same thing when they learn a new word; that is, use this word in every sentence they speak with little to no regard to context or grammatical structure. Prototype 2 does this gratuitously with several words, but most often it is these two: "Fucker" (and all it's variants) and "Motherfucker" (also with variants). There are, of course, numerous situations in which "damn", "hell", "shit" and even "cunt" are used. But, by and large, "fucker" and "motherfucker" win the day. I'm not sure why there is so much cursing in this game. It's almost to the point of being funny, but not quite. I guess they were trying to make it seem "tough" and "gritty", but ultimately it just came out awkward. It's kind of sad because there were points when they were obviously trying to be funny, and they succeeded. I was laughing out loud and wiping the tears from my eyes during the computer scene early in the game. If they had perhaps focused on this aspect of writing more it might have made the game's script stronger.

There is also a disproportionate amount of military jargon used. As gamers we are pretty well versed in the more common elements of this strange language, but Prototype 2 takes it to a different level; taking every available opportunity to inject jargon into almost as many characters' dialogues as they do with cursing. I'm not a soldier, nor have I ever been, but I'm pretty sure they don't say "I'm Oscar Mike" EVERY SINGLE TIME they need to tell someone they are in-route to whatever destination they were ordered to go to.

Now, what does this have to do with the game-play? Not much. It's just something that stands out so much that is became my prime focus of attention during the later stages of the game. Why? Because there is pretty much no challenge whatsoever to this game. You can pretty well get away with just mashing the attack button until everyone is dead. And if you start to run low on health, you can either run away and lose your pursuers, which is remarkably easy, or eat someone, which is both disturbing and remarkably easy. Now, don't get my wrong, this game is leaps and bounds better then Prototype 1, (pun intended) not to discredit the original, because I thought it was a pretty good game. It just would have been nice to have some semblance of challenge in the game.

I must also make mention of how incredible weak the story is at this point. It would be safe to say that I did not even once care about what happened to the main character or what was happening to him throughout the game. The main driving force for you at first is to find out what the hell has happened to you, then it shifts to finding your daughter who has magically been found out to be alive, not dead, as stated during the opening scene. Yeah. It's that black and white. We are offered no back story about this daughter of his, nor given any reason why we should care about her other then the fact that she is your daughter. The result? Zero interest, no care whatsoever on my part, I guess it's to be expected, since the game is so action-oriented. But still, it might have been just as effective to throw us in the game and say "kill stuff," because that's pretty much all we want to do anyways.

Other then that, and the almost funny use of language and jargon, it was a pretty good game. I'm also quite pleased with the amount of and intervals at which DLC is being provided.