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Beautiful. Lonely. Dark. Nightmarish. Bizarre. 0

Limbo is an experience worth the price of admission.  Though a steep 1200 point price tag, I can't recommend it enough.  Yeah its got the whole "artsy fartsy" vibe kicking.  But in the end, you'll think to yourself that for the few hours you played through it.  You really felt like you were in limbo.   It's a platformer/puzzle game presented in complete black and white.  Not much of a musical score, only ambient sounds from the enviroments.  It's a rather simple looking game.  Add all that toget...

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Have a blast, blasting. 0

This may be my fav Wii game to date.  Treasure is great at schmups, and they continue that with S&P Star Successor. I was a bit worried Nintendo wouldn't release this game, since the first Sin & Punishment didn't get a U.S. release. (until Virtual console).  But Nintendo came through and localized this one in all it's glory.  You play one of two characters.  Isa (the dude) is more challenging of the two.  The controls are manual.  Karachi  (the chick) is better for beginners or if you ra...

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Must play for any Star Wars fan. 0

  Star Wars.  George Lucas' world that has seen more movies, books, games, comics, toys...etc. than any other IP on the planet.  Well it took Lucasarts long enough to put out a next gen Star Wars game.  It doesn't live up to its hype.That definately doesn't mean its a bad game.  The Force Unleashed takes place in the Star Wars story, between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace.  You play as Darth Vader's secret apprentice who been trained by the dark lord since childhood.  Missions of cons...

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