Games I beat in Dec. 2014

I noticed I don't finish a lot of games. So, I'm trying harder to do so. Mini-reviews on each one because why not.

I first tracking myself in December. :I

List items

  • Xbox 360


    An interesting, yet deeply flawed, action RTS thing. It's very confusing. I mostly played it for the story because I love fighting games and that includes Guilty Gear. I would only suggest playing it if you like Guilty Gear. -2/5

  • Dreamcast


    Holy shit, if you've never played Power Stone go do it now. This game is so awesome. It's an 1v1 arena fighter with usable items and interactable environments. The only problem is it's kind of empty content wise. It's still awesome despite that. Fantastic character designs. -5/5

  • Marvel Super Heroes - Xbox 360


    A really fun fighter especially if you enjoy Marvel. Fast paced, frantic combat with rather short combos considering modern fighting games. It's an arcade game so there is literally zero story. Well, nothing exciting at all. -4/5