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Guilty Gear went all 3D and non-fighty. It's functional... 0

Guilty Gear 2: Overture is the third title in the Guilty Gear main series being preceded chronologically by Guilty Gear XX (all of its various updates included). It's not a fighting game though. GG2 isn't even 2D. It's a 3D, 3rd person real-time strategy/MOBA/character action game. It's way less confusing than it sounds. Okay, it's kind of confusing, but if you boil it down to the most basic parts, it's an action game in which you spawn and direct units to take control of points on the map which...

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Brace yourself.... 0

Before I even start, I must be brave and just say...I did not finish this game. I could not bring myself to do so and I'm hoping to either sell it or burn it. Either way I'm not getting my 60 bucks back. Now, on to my review of this game that I spent a few hours in, but did not finish.This is what I remember, kickass mechanical animals.Zoids...if you're unfamiliar with this term, that's actually expected. Zoids are a line of toy models made to look like mechanical a wide range of animals. Eventu...

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"Who wants 'Kill 'em All'?!?!" 0

Guitar Hero: Metallica marks Neversoft's second venture into the full band gaming genre. Metallica is a prime choice for a music game based upon a single band due to the versatility and size of the band's musical catalouge. Giving the hardcore players a little more challenge than offered in World Tour. While it makes some improvements upon the formula put into action for Guitar Hero: World Tour, the game still suffers from certain flaws that keep me from enjoying the game as much as I would like...

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