GOTY 2012

My top 10 games of the year, I have to say that I didn't play Far Cry 3 or Sleeping dogs cause my PC can't run them at above 10 FPS which sucks. So here goes. Honorable Mention: Hitman Absolution which I only played a few missions.

List items

  • I started playing it and got like 40% through and then discussions of the ending sucking started coming up and I lost interest, then the guys on the bombcast started talking about goty and that Brad didn't finish it and then he said that he was going to get all the DLC and the extended cut and that made me do the same and I had a blast playing it even with the ending.

    The gameplay and the characters are all really well developed and man Shepard's voice actor is so good the delivery on some of those lines are incredible. I have to get some time to play all 3 mass effect games as renegade, I never got the chance.

  • What can I say about the walking dead, well it's fucked up this game will fuck you up, I don't know if I could play episode after episode, it's so depressing just when you think things are going somewhat good it turns horrible and then even worse. Episode 3 is the highlight of the series with the most depressing things in video games. It's not about the gameplay it's all about the story and characters.

  • It's been a while since I played this, from I could remember I had a lot of fun with it. It makes you think about Jackie's sanity is he imagining all of this or not? The moments with the girlfriend are so good especially that one where you're dancing with her. The shooting is fun and with decent amounts of gore(I love me some gore). Oh I forgot the art style holy shit it looks so good! The problem I had with the story is at the very very end where they sort of end in a cliffhanger so they can make a sequel. I ignored that part and though the ending was when you hug Jenny and it fades to black.

  • I never finished this game it made me lose interest, I kept hearing that if you kill dudes the ending will be bad and they give you so many ways to kill dudes but all you I did was choke everybody and that just kind of turned into a chore, but it's still fun and I know that after I'll finish it this is where it will end up in my list.

  • Oh man this game, lots of fun but sometimes you want to choke the life out of it with the mouse. I haven't finished this either but I will soon, I am almost at the end, don't know if I'll actually make it.

  • Sort of a disappointment I expected this to be the game of the year but it kind of turned out to be meh, I'm at the 3rd act of inferno and it's kind of insane, I was hoping to make some money with it but it's so hard to get any good items, it just turns into a farm fest. I mean it's okay to play it on normal to the end but I wanted something more and didn't really get it.

  • Under rated game, lots of fun the character moves exactly the way you want it you know where you want to go and you know if you can make it there.

  • Only started playing this recently cause it was on sale and I played it so much that when I looked at the time it was 6am so yea it's great.

  • I don't own this game but I played it at a friend and oh man I had a blast, the sounds when you kill a dude are so fantastic and the decapitations oh man!! I need to buy this game soon.

  • This was another disappointment, maybe it was because I started playing right after brotherhood and I watched all the story from revelations on gamespot, they had a really good series showing all the story in it. The game got boring I got all the collectibles in Boston and then when I went to New York and saw all the collectible, I was like fuck you game I'm not doing that shit and just rushed to finish it didn't give a fuck about 100% sync like I did before that and the ending? fuck that I wanted some freaking closure.