GOTY 2013

My favorite games of 2013. Some, I haven't finished yet. And a game that I played a lot.

games I didn't play: Wolf Among Us, Stanley Parable (played the mod, a while back), Gone Home, Brothers (I definitely need to play that) and a bunch of console exclusives.

List items

  • The game with the greatest story for me this year. And also lots of fun.

  • I love spectacle fighters. And this is one of the best I've played. So much fun to chain weapons together to keep the combo going.

  • This game gets my blood pumping when I play it, I'm at the verge of having a heart attack every time, even when I'm 4-0, my heart is in my neck.

  • This game man, this freaking game. I love the level design and the animations. So much fun, it's always your fault for fucking up. But also FUCK this game.

  • I was in the beta but the frame rate was really bad on my computer. So, when it was released I tried it again and worked good. This game is sooOOoo Diablo 2, and I fucking love Diablo 2! I got some friends to play it too. That passive tree though... I'm still playing it, so it's fresh in my mind, maybe if it came out in January it wouldn't be on my list.

  • I saw the trailers, but I wasn't expecting this game to be fun to play. I thought it would be like Saints Row 3 where it was funner to talk about it than actually playing it. But no, this game does some awesome things to the open world, fuck cars, just run! Also, I still haven't finished it yet.

  • I really like rogue-like-like-like games. This is my favorite rogue-like-like-like game of the year. Unless you count Volgarr.

  • My second favorite rogue-like-like-like. The art design in it is freaking awesome. I should play it more, I really like it. The only thing I don't like is when you start from the beginning, it takes so long to get all your stuff back. And to keep chopping down trees to put on your fire etc. is annoying. In minecraft you cut a tree and make planks, just do that!

  • Great freaking platformer! I haven't finished this either, I'm gonna during the holiday break. Great stuff!

  • I love this game, the sounds, the depressing atmosphere. It's amazing! I haven't finished it, I'm so close! But I'm too lazy.

  • Yes, I know it didn't come out this year. But I played this game a lot this year. So it needs an honorable mention

  • Maybe it would be higher on my list if more episodes came out this year. For now only Episode 1 has come out.

  • I like this game, but it didn't hook me hard enough, I think something else came out about the same time, and I stopped playing this. Maybe I'll come back to it sometime, also I bought a new video card so it should look extra good.

  • Only played like 5 hours, so I'm just out of the tutorial parts. I never thought I would like another Assassin's Creed game after AC3. Damn, just thinking about that game makes me angry. Also this game looks awesome on my new video card.