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My Favorite Characters

my favorite characters in no particular order (subject to change)

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  • What more do you want? He's freaking Kratos he kills gods for a living.

  • Kaileena, my favorite female character from the prince of persia series(as she was in warrior within) she's cute/hot/sexy/deadly, I enjoyed that scene on the boat Rawwr, the prince must of done quite a number on her on the ship to make her change her appearance (I wonder why did ubi change her?). I wanted her to remain with the prince not Farah bleah. Did I mention she was hot?

  • The prince, the character I most enjoy, I liked the darkness of warrior within, too bad it didn't last for only one game, although I made it so it lasted more (finished ww 12 times) I wanted him to remain with Kaileena but those blasted writers didn't. Ah well killing multiple enemies are his strong point, he would kick the new prince's ass so badly than not even Elika would be able to save him.

  • U can't describe Lara Croft. I will say this though "PERFECT"

  • The great Cornholio

  • Aaa.. hehe.. aaa.. hehe


  • I still don't get how he has the stinger in his hand, think he has a birth defect

  • No scorpion without sub-zero :P

  • He's you, you're him.


  • Thrall, it's not a lot I can say about him, he freaking pwns alliance when they try to attack orgrimmar too bad he's gonna leave orgrimmar when cataclysm comes I thought he was one of the coolest characters and a true leader of warcraft.

  • Are you prepared? He will answer that. Illidan is he prepared?

    Illidan: YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!!!

  • My fav of the TMNT

  • Fav Final fantasy character, well I don't really know a lot only played FFVII 3 and a little 4.

  • There's no Tifa without Cloud :D.

  • you KNOW!

  • Wolverine is a beast he is over 100 years old can't remember shit, he kicks the most ass out of all the x-men.

  • The fastest of the crazy taxi drivers.

  • Castlevania X woohoo!!

  • My fav Street Fighter character

  • If I say something bad I die. <3

  • He's so cool with his sword and fire thingy.

  • I finally played Mass Effect 1 and started playing Mass Effect 2 he's freaking awesome

  • So smart and yet so clueless.

  • I forgot there are Dragon Ball games, I liked the anime as a kid.

  • If he can do that much damage with engineering items, I wonder what he can do with army weapons 0.o

  • How can he see so much and not once say "Fuck!". Would be awesome if in the last half-life game he just snaps and yells Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk!

  • Oh man I forgot about Gta: San Andreas I need to finish it some day.

  • Eazy-E!!

  • I am your Fath~ you know the rest!