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  • It seems that my first console wasn't the NES it was some Atari console although I don't remember the name, I know it had a black controller with 1 red button and a big stick in the middle I was very young I think 3-4 yrs old, I know my dad sold it, then I didn't have any console until I was 6 and my dad bought the NES my first game to play on it was Tank something with tanks ^^ don't remember the full name, then I played Super Mario bros and so on, I played the NES until I was 13 (that's when I got my PC) but I still kinda played it from time to time, until it broke, from 6-13 I changed 5 NES consoles, I still think it's the awesomeNESs console ever created mine didn't look quite like the one in the picture, mine was black and had it's buttons on top, I must of had some pirated version because on it it said "Ending Man", I think the game I finished the most times was Banana Prince, I had some Japanese version and couldn't understand a thing from it so on the game show I learned witch answers were correct and which were not, oh and it seems that I played a lot of Bad Dudes, although I didn't know that was the name of the game until this site was launched. I LOVE MY NES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I bought a PSP in september of 2009 it's pretty awesome really slick looking and plays games perfect all I have for it is Tekken 5, Burnout Legends, Crisis core Final fantasy vii and dissidia final fantasy. I don't like final fantasy a lot just VII and I had to have those. tifa <3

  • Samsung S9