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Tomb Raider is a hell of a Game 0

An arc is very important to any fictional character. At the end of their journey the hero must have changed either for better or worse as the narrative dictates. A few games have undertaken this narrative tool and attempted through various means the transition a routine video game character must undergo through any myriad of tasks. This being video games and that meaning being married to the gun, bow, and knife most of these character changes revolve around going from an innocent human who may o...

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Silly and childish, Saint's Row: The Third is a great Game 0

Sometimes absurdity is a welcome distraction. Saint's Row: The Third is extremely absurd. From the look of the various gangs around Steelport to the activities from the opening bank robbery to the end decision and how it's handled, this is an absurd game. Saints Row has always been absurd though. Even with the mostly straight forward first game in the series there were still crazy activities like picking up hos from abusive pimps and delivering them into the assumed friendlier arms of the Third ...

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Like a Great Film or Book, Cryostasis is Something to be Savored 0

From the very first shot to the last, from the menu screen on down Cryostasis is an eastern bloc game through and through. Technically it is still impressive five years later. The art is bleak and the lighting extremely severe. Like Dostoyevsky, the characters are not so much characters as symbols meant to convoy a meaning. I adore this game and the more I think about it the more I enjoy it. Playing it is never really all that enjoyable however. Your character, Alexander Nesterov, is wrapped in ...

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Blowing up Robots rarely felt so Good 0

My very first gaming experience was Doom at the tender age of 5. I remember watching my brother play it before taking a seat myself and becoming utterly enthralled. It's because of Doom and that formative experience that I have a soft spot for retro shooters where circle-strafing is a valuable skill, enemies just bum rush and battles tend to devolve in knocking out enemies in a set pattern to better manage it. Hard Reset is exactly that layered with great cyperpunk trappings, a great looking wor...

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A Masterful Game with a Gripping Story 0

I'm usually not too keen on melodrama. It always comes off as far too goofy for even me who listens to Sabaton who are just wonderful if cheesier than a pizza. Every so often however I can be taken in by a far too melodramatic story. My favorite game is Persona 4 after all so I can certainly appreciate melodrama in the right amount. The combat in Dust: An Elysian Tail is great, make no mistake, the art is breathtakingly gorgeous and the metroidvania gameplay addictive enough that I wanted to kee...

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