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@amirite said:

I just can't imagine this thing wouldn't have sold GANGBUSTERS if it had come out at $400. As it is right now, droves of people are not preordering because of the price. It's the main discussion point so obviously it's an issue, whether it was s messaging problem or not.

I agree the price is high, but Oculus seems honest about selling at or below cost, so little they could have done. The point you might be missing it that it might not be in their interest to sell gangbusters right now.

First of all they would take a huge loss on each device sold. Second of all, and perhaps most importantly, they might not have a lot of supply. The delivery date has already been pushed back several months for preorders.

Why oversell by a mile and take a huge loss on each device sold, when you can sell near cost and keep demand more in line with supply? Had the price been low, they would have gotten bad PR anyway for not being able to ship nearly enough units to meet demand.