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The fact that Sam and Lonnie are the same gender, and having a relationship is the story though. Sam accepting that she's got feelings for someone of the same gender, then pursuing those feelings, then feeling backlash from her parents, from her peers, that's the main plot of Gone Home.

It's what sustains the dramatic tension. It serves the same function as making Romeo and Juliet from rival families. It creates the barrier that must be overcome.

The thing is, this story isn't Sam realizing she's gay - she's known for a long time. She straight up says so, and it's pretty heavily implied that Katie has known for a while as well. Through the Capt. Allegra stories you find that Sam wrote, you see a progression of her realization of her sexuality, as well as her feelings towards her family & authority figures. I think that Lonnie was just her first girlfriend, her first love, and her parents, on top of thinking she was a bad influence, didn't know how to deal with finding out their daughter was gay on top of their own marriage falling apart. It's not necessarily Romeo & Juliet, but it is a tragic love story, even if they end up running away together in the end.

And as far as character motivations being two-dimensional? These are the most god-honest human character motivations I have ever seen. Anyone who has been in any of these situations - a family that is falling apart, falling in love as a teenager with someone your parents don't approve of, knowing that relationship was doomed, having a gay sibling, wanting to run away from home because there was nothing left for you there, any or all of those - will know that these characters acted exactly like any irrational love-struck teenager would in the same situation.

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Never finished the game, slenderman is going to jump out any minute, too scared

That's one of the brilliant things about the game. It doesn't give you that "oh, i'm a video game so a monster or ghost is going to pop out at any moment accompanied by screeching violins & lightning flashes" moment, but instead gives you that "I'm home alone, in an unfamiliar house, I'm finding out all this private shit about my sister and my parents, I'm worried they did something stupid, and WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT NOISE" feeling. That eerie, half-creeped out feeling you get at home when the thought of vampires or werewolves or ghosts or slendermen or any number of creepy possibilities pops into your head, and you can't help but KNOW that they are just around that corner.

The game just makes you feel that all the time, and I loved it.

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It makes the house feel more real - that you can find the hidden rooms before you are "supposed to." I mean, these secret passages should have two entrances anyway.

I thought I had explored the Library with a fine tooth comb, and I looked through mom & dad's closet pretty thoroughly, but didn't find that secret murder hallway (as I would have called it as a teenager) until after I found the note between Sam & Lonnie talking about it. The fact that you could have opened it from the library side so early on makes perfect sense from an architectural standpoint - there's no reason that you shouldn't be able to, except for not knowing it's there.

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Also, it seems like I can't get gold on the Stomp Mayhem side missions to save my life.

Purchase the dash upgrades and run around into shit in between stomps. They contribute to the combo meter, even though it's not stomping. Same for TK mayhem, just hold the ball in front of you and dash everywhere. Seriously broken, but I suppose it's the point given the game.

Yeah, don't even bother stomping. Just run and let the tornado behind you rack up points. Having the No Rag-Doll From Explosions bonus makes running around holding a ball in TK mayhem easier too.

I did most of the TK mayhem missions that way, but I didn't (and still don't) have the no ragdoll upgrade yet, so it was really annoying. So I just ended up getting my noteriety up high enough, then grabbing a ball & just yo-yoing it back and forth on cop cars to blow them up. Ended up getting the full gold in about 2 minutes, when previous tries I couldn't even make bronze.

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Just bought XCOM on Steam a few weeks ago, but I will certainly get it on my PS3 as well - would love to play this on my TV, not to mention getting trophies. :D

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Deadpool x4. Make Cable the dealer so he has to suffer.

It's just Deadpool playing with the different voices in his head. They all hate him.

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I've got a few ideas.

I have to say Archer really seems to be a popular choice, and even though he would be a terrible poker player (because he just wouldn't give a shit, and go all in on the first hand) I still think he'd be a good fit for the style & feel of the game. That being said, I think Lana would be a better fit. This gave me an awesome idea:

Ladies night: Jack (Mass Effect), Elaine Marley (Monkey Island), Lana Kane (Archer) & Ramona Flowers (Comic version - Scott Pilgrim)

Then I had a terrible idea, which would actually be awesome: the John DiMaggio special: Bender (Futurama), Wakka (Final Fantasy X), Marcus Fenix (Gears of War) & Dr. Drakken (from Kim Possible, that guy is hilarious)

For my serious draft though, I'd have to say: Doc Brown (BTTF), Lana Kane (Archer), The Scout (TF2) & Grayson Hunt (Bulletstorm).

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It's been a while, but I used to buy guides all the time. They've stopped being so useful, but I'll still get them for Bethesda open world games. I got the hardcover guides for Fallout 3 & New Vegas (They also had bonus concept art sections that I really like), and have the guides for Morrowind, Oblivion & Skyrim. Other than those, the last guide I got was for Valkyria Chronicles, I believe. For the Bethesda games, I like having the maps of everything, and I prefer having a book on my lap over a laptop & a text walkthrough on gamefaqs.

A friend of mine bought the guide to FF 13, which is like buying a map up an escalator. The only good thing in that guide was the boss strategies, which were widely available on the internet anyway.

As far as the OPs 2nd question, what I would like is an iPad/PC guide app, where you could sort through everything on the device & do keyword searches & shit. Links to video walkthroughs & boss/level strategies, and commentary pieces attached to the map, so you could play them when you go into certain areas.

Give me an Elder Scrolls Library app, where I can browse the in-game books & read them on my iPhone, and I'd snatch that up quick.

Mass Effect 3's Datapad app was pretty cool at having the codex in there, I just wish the whole codex was there. Also, for a Mass Effect companion app, give me an interactive galaxy map, just like the one in game, where I can zoom into individual planets & read their descriptions. Maybe let me scan for resources, and pipe that over to the proper game.

Finally, in any game with collectibles, give me a map that lets me check them off as I collect them, so I don't have to worry about going back and wondering if I got that feather/coin/datapad/thermos/page/pidgeon/etc, because it'll be checked off on the map already.

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If you want a unique video game experience then play FC2 if you want something that's like every other video game then play FC3. I don't get the common complaints about FC2. Respawing enemies? YOU'RE PLAYING AN FPS!!! Do you also complain about having to shoot stuff often when playing Doom? The other I see often is having to drive around to places. IT'S AN OPEN WORLD GAME!!!! What the fuck is the point of having an open world if you can skip across it like some motherfucking teleporting wizard? "Ugh! What is this? An open world where I have to traverse the world!?" People who hate FC2 clearly bought the wrong game.

lol sure, you're right. I'm just an idiot.


Respawning enemies are fine, if they don't respawn as soon as you look away or sneeze or something. And driving around would be fine if you didn't have to get out of your car every time some random enemy decides they want to shoot at you.

What got me about FC2 was that everyone on the island wanted you dead. For an open world game, it wasn't very realistic that people would shoot you on sight no matter where you went. Also, it didn't help that the AI could see you from 4 miles away, even if there were trees, deep grass, trucks, other enemies, buildings or hills in the way. For a game that promoted it's stealth element, it didn't really encourage the stealthy gameplay.

Don't take all that as me saying the game was bad - I still enjoyed it regardless of it's flaws. But the flaws it does have can be hard to ignore, and you may find yourself taking a lot more than expected just getting from point A to B (the save point is at B) because of the omniscient, endlessly respawning enemies.