Microsoft has a plan...they're just terrible at telling you about it

All the Microsoft hate is understandable - it's arguably less powerful, more restrictive and more expensive.

But that's if you compare it to the PS4.

You shouldn't

Microsoft's long goal is a disc-less all in one media system, games being one facet. I honestly see the steambox being a clsoer fit. Maybe a steambox strapped to a Roku? Microsoft knows you spend more time on Netflix than Call of Duty these days and they're leaning into our changing habits.

The backlash about the DRM and the always on really annoys me:

- DRM: Microsoft are migrating from a media-based world to a license based world. The world PC gamers have been in for a long time. Everyone loves Steam now and I have no doubt that if prices are managed well the Xbox games on demand store won't end up being a big success Sony are going to have to make people jump a bigger chasm when they go discless (it'll happen). Mircosoft are just giving you some of the sting now.

-Always online: Is there anything in your house that isn't online? Have you tried using an IPad offline? Gets boring pretty fast huh? You probably check your smartphone every 2 mins for tweets or some crap...and you're bitching because Microsoft wants to rely on you having an internet connection? Don't you think in 2013 it can ask for that?

When Microsoft let the 360 HDD be optional they made a big blunder in that no develop could rely on the drive being there, which can really change how games are developed. Microsoft wants it's developers to feel the cloud will be there if they need it. Of course there will be fringe cases, dudes on nuclear subs etc, but the Xbone isn't for them - these same guys won't have Steamboxs or Rokus or be doing a hell of a lot on an Ipad. I'm thinking here Microsoft is more than happy to lose the "just wanna game bro" market if they pick up all the Netflix-Hulu-sportsy-mainstreamy audience. Microsoft has had a 30 or so year goal of a set top box (running their os) on top of every TV and the Xbone is their big push to get on there...