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9.5.8 mercs 2...oye review in conflict

i logged on to gamespot today to find mercs2 having received it's official review of mediocre at 5.0 and to be frank i smirked and got ready to let gamespot have it. i'd already begun an outline of my tirade beginning with their apparently broken review review staff, moving to the mistrust now thrust upon them by the gaming community at large, and finally culminating with ...once again... how instrumental many of the staff "replacements" have been in systematically half a$$ing what was once the premiere gaming news and reviews site on the interweb. Oh, it was going to be glorious!

but then, i watched aaron thomas' review.

i figured i'd better have all my ducks in a row if i was going to hammer this clearly idiotic and unbalanced review of a game i'm thoroughly enjoying right now. but here's the thing: aaron isn't wrong. now granted the man's a little jaded and usually strikes me as the most prospective employee of cbs to go postal and wipe everyone out, but hey everyone needs to vent. the point is every flaw he points out is in fact and -can- be totally annoying if you think about it too long. of course the bugs and glitches are more prevalent than too human, but not as bad as described. i mean good lord they're described like this game was ''alone in the dark'' coming home after a weekend bender in reno. and truth be told, it ain't that bad folks.

and truthfully that pretty well rounds the overall take away feeling i have with that review... "yeah aaron you're right, but the game ain't that bad."

now one point i will directly confront is all the whining about getting around in an open world. guess what people, you asked for bigger worlds, now you're going to complain when you actually have to traverse them?? pandemic was kind enough to institute a fast travel system, what do you want an effin' teleporter?

gun mechanics are sloppy yeah, but 1- it's a 3rd person shooter...it happens, and 2- a tight aim trigger was added which helps it considerably, plus try shooting an autorifle, and hitting anything ur aiming at, it's rough kids.

look all told mercenaries 2 isn't broken, nor is gamespot at large, but lightening up a bit might be in order.


8.15.8 man when do the olympics end?

i didn't get much gaming done last night. i spent five hours watching the olympics instead. sure it was time well-spent, but the olympics just keeps eating up my game time. curses...and more than a week to go.


8.14.8 mercenaries.....mmmm, doh! i've had an accident!

i just read the coop preview, and even tho i already own (which is to say already prepaid fully) mercs 2, it doesn't make the 17 days remaining, any easier to tolerate. i want to go to venezuela now!!

incidentally, not so sure bout the revamped podcast music. i'm not really feelin it, but....mebbe it will grow on me? i hope.


8.11.8 having dreams bout wrecking my car...bummer.

so i hit 11,223g over the weekend. most of that was from all the GRID i played. oh good lord that game is fantastic, and so tense, that even in a room with a/c down to 63 degrees i was still sweating thru races. i've almost opened up my global license, and i'm almost to 500pts  in achvmnts....but truth be told i didn't get tons done, as folks kept dragging me off to help them with gears of war...and it got tiring.

so i eventually quit out and watched six hrs of the olympics yesterday, and that was awesome. time well spent.


8.8.8 The olympics have begun. yay 4 human rites???

so the olympics will be gorgeous in hd. that's great, i still won't likely watch more than the swimming events...and mebbe kayaking. i like the water sports.

anyhoo, so i broke 11,000gamerscore, and i can't help but thank sc4 for it's large contribution over the last week. other cool stuff this past week include forza2 finally lifting my auction ban....mmm yeah... i sold cars with nekkid ladies on them. i'm so ashamed !!!! anyhow, they lifted my ban and i celebrated by watching some porn...so that was cool. bwahaha!

i also got back into GRID. that game, is awesome, tho a total sleeper hit. and i can prove it! i watched gphoria 08 last nite on xplay and the racing game of year, went mario kart wii?!?!?!?!? cart racing beat out GT5 prologue, nascar 09 (ok no surprise there), and GRID?  this is exactly why politically, children cannot vote. because in games, when they do, cartoon racing beats stellar action and superior design in virtually every conceivable facet.

oh! and i got achievements in cod4 for the first time in months last nite. somehow i hadn't noticed that i didn't have look sharp, and three of a kind...the latter of which is possibly the easiest achievement to get in that game, by knifing the yokels in their bunks and the hallway in the very first mission. point is, i hit 400 pts in the game, and that is respectable, having not beaten veteran. i'm okay with that! and why? because i've beaten halo3 legendary, gears of war insane, and mass effect insane! i'm doing just fine thank you.

i should have a solid gaming weekend too and i'd love to make 12,000g...but we shall see i spose.


8.6.8 Mercenaries 2 looks to be the only saving grace this august

10,913g, not much progress last nite, but i'm pretty much done wasting time on soul calibur 4. i got all the major achievements, and the online seems to have degenerated to either:

-lvl 1 kids who just want to play the star wars stages with yoda -or-

-lvl hunting move spammers who can't pick anyone besides kilik to fight with. (looks like i was mistaken bout namco fixing the balance issues).

oh well. so i'll be fiddling around with some other games just for fun this month. i'm considering replaying the entire halo trilogy for the story, and mebbe some rainbow vegas 2. i do enjoy that game's cover system.

so i'll be biding my time thru august till the 31st...and then it'll be time to decimate venezuela with mercs2. god i can't wait.


8.5.8 back at work after snagging hundreds of sc4 achievemnt pts.

i hit 10,898g yesterday due in great part to more soul calibur 4 pts. it would appear my suspicion is correct. i'm guessing i'll play the game for a cpl more weeks to round out my pts in that game...and then it's goin on the shelf.

so all told, i don't feel like i got ripped off, cause it is lots of fun...the experience was just short-lived, and i think namco kinda gets off easy since the largest part of online strategy (which makes those fights fun) is learning how to time your moves against the inherent lag that the server causes. oh well.

looking forward it would appear i'm gonna get a good three weeks of lazy game downtime till mercs 2 finally releases...incidentally there only 26 days to go now ryan!! hee hee.


8.1.8 I don't really want to go to work anymore

hmm...i need someone to donate 20,000$ a month so that i can game and write, and submit to GB full time without the paltry tedium of being forced to show up to work, getting in the way. anybody got 240g's a year to help me out here? heheh

i did a whole bunch of submissions last night before cracking back into SC4. It was fun. I would have expected more than 35 additional points for two full overview articles and twenty pics, but whatevs. I'm more concerned bout my overall rank than pt total anyway. hee hee.

i'm about to start my three day weekend and i bet i'll have a lot more to submit thru monday. for now tho i'm just counting down the hours till shift's end.


7.31.8 the apprentice, is an apprentice indeed...

gamerscore update: hit 10,533g last night.

so i unlocked the apprentice in soul calibur 4 last night, and i now have all available characters. hmm, it feels like he's not fully fleshed out tho. i hope that won't be the case with force unleashed, but we shall see.

see i get the feeling that "the apprentice" was...obligatory? i have the sense that namco went to lucas and said, "hey we want yoda and vader in our fighting game, cause we don't think boob physics alone will sell our game."

and then lucas said, "ok sure, you can have yoda and vader, but you have to take this random new guy along for the ride as a built in marketing ploy. muwahahaha! this is genius! just like when i decided greedo should shoot first!!"

unfortunately for me, i had to buy the game anyway, because i'm a customization hua! and create a soul is really addictive. but i'm glad they left the jedi out of CAS. if you want, you can ignore the star wars influence in the game altogether....kind of like how i ignore the existence of episode 1: phantom menace.

soooooooooo, off my soapbox. i spent lots of time online fighting last night, got some new achievements, and went to bed. it was a pretty short night for me....but i got a 3day weekend comin now, and i plan to customize everybody in that game. awesome.


7.30.8 money fur nuthin and my pts fur free

what the hell? so i hit 10,503g after 5 or six hours of soul calibur last night. 175pts in no time. it's great but, oh well i can't complain it was fun.

online lag worked in my favor too. taki can outrun most of her enemies which is awesome. muwahahaha! i need to look into some more submissions this weekend, but i have to go to obon buddhist festival too saturday. argh! i can't skip it. i need my takoyaki fix.

well i'll just come straight home after dark knight on sunday...i should have at least 8hrs to submit to my giant bomb masters then. and that's all i got for now.

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