Splinter Cell This Week

It's been a long wait since E3 last year, but Splinter Cell: Conviction will finally be in my hands this Friday. Early reviews seem encouraging and, as a big fan of the series, the new mechanics look very interesting. Also pre-ordered Alan Wake after seeing the latest trailer. EXCITE!!


Bioshock Completed - Finally!!

I started Bioshock on it's UK release date in August 07 and really enjoyed working through it. Then I hit a brick wall with a part near the end.

I tried and tried but couldn't get past it. In the old days I would have kept at it until I'd got past this barrier but I've realized that nowadays my attention span is much shorter and when I hit a game stopper I rarely have the appetite or patience to get past it.

Now, I'm not advocating that games should be easy - that would be dumb. I just wish that play-testing made some of these difficulty spikes a thing of the past. 

Last week I went back to Bioshock and managed to make it past the part I'd previously been blocked at and made it to the end with little difficulty. The ending was really great, but I'd have enjoyed it even more if I'd experienced it back in Aug 07 when the plot and characters were fresh in my mind.

It also made me think that the announced sequel seems a little unnecessary.

Anyway, a great game that only took me 17 months to complete. For shame.

Roll Call for the Fallen

Roll call for the Ziff Davis employees who lost their jobs yesterday in 1UP/EGM/UGO debacle.

I hope you all find new jobs quickly and that the creative teams find a new outlet for their talents.

Adrian Frieg
Amy Mishra
Amy Moran
Andrea Garcia
Andrew Fitch
Andrew "Skip" Pfister
Anthony Gallegos
Cesar Quintero
Christina Rosa
CoyLou Steel
Derek Chinn
Doug Parsons
Eric Ellis
Giancarlo Varanini
Greg Ford
James "Milkman" Mielke
Jason Bertrand
Jason Wilson
Jervilyn Jaramillo
Justin Frechette
Leslie Gelfand
Marci Yamaguchi
Matt Chandronait
May Tong
Meredith Stowe
Michael Donahoe
Monique Convertito
Ndubuisi Madu
Nick Suttner
Norris Boothe
Philip Kollar
Rey Serrano
Robert Bowen
Rosemary Pinkham
Ryan O'Donnell
Ryan Scott
Shane Bettenhausen
Simon Cox
Tammy Ross
Tipler Ubbelohde

1UP 2003 - 2009

Gone but never forgotten
Gone but never forgotten


Pile of Shame Update

Jan 09 - Wk 1
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Far Cry 2
Alone in the Dark
Lego Indiana Jones
Saints Row 2
Quantum of Solace
Tomb Raider Underworld
Prince of Persia
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Gears of War 2
Call of Duty : World at War
Fable 2
Fallout 3
Grand Theft Auto 4
God Hand
Kingdom Hearts 2

So many games...so little time.

Have a whole week off work in at the end of January, so I'll have a good chance to get stuck into it then. If only I could stay away from the RB and GH games, I might actually get some other games completed.

When will RB2 drums be available in the UK?

Damn it Harmonix, we have a strange relationship, don't we?

You just can't seem to get it quite right. When RB1 came out we had to wait half a year to get our hands on it and when it did arrive the price was stupidly high.

So when RB2 rolled around it was a good chance to put things right, make up for past sins.

Then it all went pear-shaped again with a continual denials of release dates (leaving it to MS to leak the date in an ad campaign) and when it does show up, as magnificent as it is, the instruments fail to make the trip across the pond.

Why do you do this to me, Harmonix, why?

It's 2009 now and still no official word on RB2 instruments in the UK but MadCatz may have let things slip by confirming release dates for the cymbal add=ons for early Feb 09 - so it's probably a safe bet that the RB2 kit should be out by then.

Come on Harmonix, get the finger out.


COC:WAW Update

Well, it's official. I at competitive multiplayer FPS's.

I haven't played either COD4 or H3 in such a long time that my 'skills' are very rusty but, damn, my performances in the rounds I played was nothing short of embarrasing.

Looks and plays nicely, BTW, for those interested. The pack of angry dogs for 7 kills in row in a bit odd - tonaly is seems very out of place. Bizzarre.


Destroyer Pedal in the House

Well, I'm still waiting for EA to sort out my broken drum pedal from a couple of weeks ago. I've requested an RMA etc. but not heard a peep from the EA dudes at all and it's been bumming me out.

After a slighty intoxicated perusal of eBay I came across a dude selling a Destroyer pedal. These have been pretty few and far between in the UK so far, so I jumped at the chance. It turned up yesterday and I've been super impressed by it so far. It feels completely different and really solid.

I just need to get my drum chops together to justify it. I have RTTH left to beat to finish Hard difficulty and then I'm getting stuck into Expert.  I need to work on my rolls and off-beat bass drum action.

Here's a pic of my new arrival:

This is what awesome looks like
This is what awesome looks like
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